October 18, 2021

Adele has surrounded the fans with her new album full of rumors.

Adeel has set the internet on fire.

On Monday, October 4, the Grammy-winning singer drove fans crazy after returning to Twitter with her first post in almost a year. Adele had two words that went through everyone: “Shame on you babes!” He just wrote.

Adele has taken the rumors about the new album / Getty Images into depth.

Although the English star’s message was short and sweet, the timing of her tweet was interesting. Just a few hours before posting, “Hello” The musician changed the image and background on his social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It had a blue background in its new form.

This fine, yet surprising change led fans to speculate that Adele would soon be releasing a new album. It’s been almost six years since the singer released her huge hit album 25, but according to a source, the long wait is almost over. Sources close to the British actor revealed, “Adele has been very busy focusing on herself this year, and she has spent several months in the studio recording her new album.”

Adele has taken the rumors about the new album / Getty Images into depth.

As far as the audience will finally get to hear the results of these studio sessions. The source teased, “The album is going to be released soon, and he is excited to hear from the world.”
Last month, a separate source close to Adeel also revealed that she plans to sing new songs this winter.

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But don’t let the gloomy weather fool you, as Andrew noted that his album will feature passionate pop songs. Although the timing of a new project is still unknown, sources revealed that the artist is anxious to return to the stage.

“She would love to perform and would like to go back on tour,” said the insider, “but she is wary of COVID and has no concrete plans yet.”

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