September 18, 2021

Adam and Scott Thomas were spotted at IMA Celeb Castle as they make changes before the 2021 series.

IM A celebrity kicked me out of here. The crew is rushing to make a set for a reality TV show on time for the show’s premiere.

The ITV show will return to Wales after an epidemic in Australia – and some familiar faces have already been seen on the show’s set.

The staff of the hit reality show, which is usually set in Aussie Outback, has to install equipment and film at Goreich Castle in Wales for the second year in a row.

Emerdale’s Adam Thomas and his Leo Island star brother Scott both appeared at the palace.

The couple was seen filming a piece in front of Clydeven’s store, one of the places for celebrities to buy and choose food items.

Adam was a runner-up in the show’s 2016 season and now serves as the main co-host on IMTV Celeb’s fellow show, Extra Camp.

Earlier, builders were spotted on site, scaffolding and equipment were set up to ensure the set was in good condition for celebrities.

The building is in a dilapidated condition, yet open to the public, and producers are running to renovate the site until November, when the new season begins.

It has been reported that the brick and December were seen on the new set of IMA Selb.

This week, workers have moved to Gorich Castle to begin work on its preparation.

Earlier this month, ITV owners decided to make a U-turn at the filming location amid fears that Australia could close its borders due to the ongoing epidemic.

The news means the palace is set to be rebuilt for the arrival of celebrities later this year.

A crane can be seen in the grounds, while the groundmen look hard at work in the haunted ruins of Abergel.

Celebrities booked for this year’s series have previously been told to pack their bags for Australia, including host Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, both 45.

An insider said: “It is with a heavy heart that I will not return to Australia as a celebrity hopes.

The reality show, which normally makes films in Australia’s jungles, was forced to relocate to a dilapidated Grade I castle because of fears that Australia could close its borders due to the ongoing epidemic.

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