Actor who appeared on Coronation Street dies at 27 after falling ill in Costa Rica

A PERSPECTIVE actor who appeared on Coronation Street has died at the age of 27 after falling ill in Costa Rica.

Joseph Owen Wandera, 27, sadly passed away in January of this year after suffering a seizure while on vacation.


The promising actor died in January, the investigation heard1 credit
Wandera Appeared On Corrie As An Extra In 2018.


Wandera appeared on Corrie as an extra in 2018.1 credit

The actor, who started his career with the MaD theater company, appeared on Coronation Street in 2018, where he played a customer interested in buying Eileen Grimshaw’s car.

After filming his part for the soap, the actor tweeted, “Overwhelmed by the support… crazy love for everyone who fell in love with me and caught my episode.

“There will be more this year.”

Wandera also performed at the Manchester Fringe Festival in 2012 and also had television roles in Scott & Bailey and Moving On.

The actor starred in a BBC Comedy Showcase pilot and appeared in two reenactments for BBC Inside Out.

He also co-directed children’s and youth shows at DNA Acting Class.

Police officer Kathy Dixon confirmed that he was at a party the night before he died.

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She told the investigation: “At the party, Joseph called his girlfriend and explained that he was not feeling well.

“He lost sight in one eye and lost sensation on the left side of his body.

“He contacted a friend who picked him up and drove him back to his apartment. Joseph fell asleep on the couch.

“A few hours later, a friend found Joseph on the couch in a fit.

“Medics were called, but they could not revive him, and he unfortunately died.”

The up-and-coming actor, who was a “gift” to all who knew him, was showered with tributes.

A DNA acting class statement said, “One who transcended everyone’s belief in themselves and embodied everything we stand for.

“He was an actor, artist, visionary, brother, son, friend, confidant, gift and family.

“His artistry was met with incomparable charisma, elegant warmth and great love for what he adored.

“An abundance of skill, charm and an ever-present spark of magic when he performed.

“He adored his work and those around him just as much as his work and those around him adored him.”

Ashley Conway wrote on Joseph’s GoFundMe memory page: “Like many, we can’t believe all of this. Joe, he really was too good for this earth.

“They say the good die young, but you never thought it was you.

“In the wars that you have gone through over the past few years, you have been invincible.

“Without you, it would be a different world here. You made it better with your smile and puree energy! You will really be missed.”

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