October 20, 2021

About Ali Smith, from Rebekah Abel – Strange and Amazing (It’s Me!)

“Ali Smith, Rebekah? Ali?”; Oh dear, it’s me;

Today, we’re going to deviate a bit from the usual postings that are completely about dog training (and if not they are about dogs), so I can tell you a little bit about myself – because it is 100th post on Reversible.!

I am very proud to have won this position, and to have won 3 awards and titles. ‘World’s Best Pet Blog’ in this Incredibly Short period of time.

I’m so excited, so I thought I’d deviate a little bit, and show you guys a little more about me! About the crazy woman behind the words.

I thought I’d share some little things about myself that you probably don’t know. Why? OK because I want you to have unparalleled insights in my mind; no! More because I know that sometimes I can do a little business and I’m not just a dog trainer; there’s a person behind the crazy dog ​​lady.

Can anything fall out of it when you read it? Hahaha, who knows!

Oh my dog ​​… what’s cute? I don’t think I’d be “Rebekah’s Ali Smith” without her sneaking into his senate! Thanks Indy.

1 – I, Ali Smith, Lonely Runburn Able – Well, with Indy!

Rebarable is a solo project. I’m the only one in the office! I have experts on other things like WordPress or Active Campaign, or not even Instagram! I like to give you people the strength to raise your dog properly!

2 – I slipped into dog training.

I learn proper training methods to help my own dog, Indy, control his reaction. Then I found myself, as a dog walker, doing dog. Training Sessions at a fraction of the cost when I was qualifying for training – and then I changed. I’ve already helped a lot of dogs at this stage, and I thought I’d better spend my time helping others with training issues, rather than enjoying the company of their dogs. ۔

Coved got ready again and I managed to spend a lot of time pursuing my studies – every cloud has a layer of silver, right?

3 – Chocolate> Alcohol.

I’m not a big fan of alcohol! Will i drink a little But I would be surprised if I had 10 units a year (discount in 2019 as I got married, now come on, get easier with me!) I’m not a big fan of alcohol and I don’t think so That i need it But chocolate? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me.

4 – I’ve spent a lot of time around Thorbreds.

My grandparents were full-bred, raised in Ireland, so every school holiday, I was there. Helping with all of this (and making a big fuss about stable dogs!) Is still a big dream of mine to buy back my grandfather’s raised bloodline and one day force him to run again and win again. But that’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Grandpa also had cattle and a vegetable garden, and I’m already there!

5 – I’m a little Jack; Okay fine, Massive jack.

Does this surprise you? I really hope that doesn’t happen. But yes! I’m a huge fan of any comic book-y, especially surprised, but not only that. One of my favorite things in the world is Tuesday morning, because it’s a release. Glass cannon Podcast – oh yes – someone who doesn’t know? This is a different on a dungeon and dragon real game podcast – how stupid! But yeah, I love it and haha ​​I’m so involved. It’s also part of the reason I really like podcasts! And why am I starting !!

I’ve played almost every generation of Pokemon games to date, and still enjoy a little bit of downtime on the console (not that I have much time right now!) Oh! And I loved Game of Thrones, read all the books at least once, but just “don’t talk to me about the end of the TV show” muttered muttering.

6 – Jackie on the theme;

My background finance before my career in the pet industry, before? Physics Yes! Big switch, huh? I worked as an accountant in London for many years, and I studied physics at university. Now I train dogs! Many people get confused when I say this to them, and the natural question is,ہہ“Surprisingly, all three have more in common than you might think.”

Physics solves the problem of the world around you.

Solve the numbers behind the accounting business.

Dog training. Problem solver The dog in front of you

Slightly understandable, right?

Also, I love animals and I can be strong-minded and I’m not afraid to express my views, which is not always the case in the more corporate positions I get! So, having my own boss with my own ambitions, drive and control is perfect for me!

Irish soda bread is one of my favorites.
Irish soda bread is one of my favorite things. None of this fake trash!

7 – I really like cooking.

When do I do downtime? I love making things from scratch, whether it’s Mexican food (this weekend’s success was some unusual salsa, guacamole and chicken quesadillas. I like to spend time cooking whenever I get the chance – however, Cleaning up afterwards is rubbish, and I hate washing; in my opinion it is beyond belief!

If I may say one thing, my original piece was D-Resistance? It must have been my apple pie, it is highly regarded among my family – and yes, I make my own pastries.

Sorry but! I don’t take much time for him at the moment. I cook for Indy and the girls over and over again, even though he is fed raw. He and the girls like bone broth.

Although I would say, I’ve struggled with baking ever since I moved to Maryland! We are at very different heights and I have changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit. And Until the gas oven! Ahh! Talk about confusion! I still don’t get it right, but I’m learning everything again; just solving more problems, right?

Ali Smith, your problem solver!

And there you have it! I was happy to share a little about my favorite things (besides dogs). So just a few random facts about me. Hope they at least made you smile?

I have a dog mother, a Brett, a baker, and someone else on a large scale Excited about everything I do – what I think shows what I bring to you guys, right?

Do you want to work with this amazing stranger? A great starting point. Children!!

Ali and his dog Indy from Rebekah.

Author, Ali Smith.

Ali Smith is a positive dog expert, dog trainer and founder of Rebekah. She has been passionate about helping her dog’s parents fix things since the beginning. To help create a dog that is a reliable and satisfying family member and keeps the dog away from shelters.

Ali has won numerous awards for training his dogs, and has rated his blog (this blog!). Of 2021 The best pet blog in the world!

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