October 25, 2021

About 5,000 anti-social behavior incidents in the Mid and East Antrim last year

According to PSNI data, there were 4,918 incidents between September 2020 and August 2021, compared to 4,337 between September 2019 and August 2020.

The highest increases were in Armagh City, Ben Bridge and Craigaon, from 6,697 to 7,378.

At a meeting of the Mid and East Interim Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) on Wednesday evening, it was heard that anti-social behavior includes excessive noise, graffiti, rubbish, fireworks, scrabblers and quads.

A representative of the Youth Justice Agency told the meeting that the majority of young people are not engaged in this behavior. Instead, it’s a “small few.”

He said: “Young people who are offensive need to know that they will be held accountable for their behavior and people need to know that justice is being done and those responsible are being held accountable for their behavior. Is.”

He explained that restoration of justice enables young people to make amends whether it be amnesty, payment or community service, for example.

The Criminal Justice Review suggested that the restoration of justice be integrated into the juvenile justice system in Northern Ireland.

The Youth Justice Agency representative added that the agency works in partnership with other agencies, including the Education Authority, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, PSNI and the Probation Board to identify key issues, early intervention And other services to be signed and posted.

“We work with families and try to encourage, help and support them,” he explained.

“Instead of seeing young people coming through our doors as criminals, we see them as first children and to improve the opportunities available to them and to protect communities and reduce the level of anti-social attitudes. We strive to increase our strengths and abilities. “

The Youth Justice Agency aims to help prevent children from being disliked, working with people aged 10-17 who have shown resentment or are at serious risk.

Michelle Weir, Local Democracy Reporter.

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