October 20, 2021

A youth is firing at Perm State University, killing 8 people

A young man attends a shooting at the University of Perm in Russia’s Ural region.

Reports of a shooting at Perm State University surfaced on the morning of September 20. At the sound of gunfire, the students jumped out of the windows. The shooter entered the university building freely and opened fire on people on the ground floor.

The assailant then stopped himself in the eighth building of the university and escaped inside the building.

During the first minutes after the shooting, the students stopped in the classrooms and waited for help. Some students said that several professors refused to stop their lectures and closed the auditorium doors.

The shooter was later identified as 18-year-old university student Timur Bekmansrov. The man was said to have posted a message on social media before the attack on the university.

In the message, the accused wrote that he was not an extremist, and that his crime was not a terrorist attack. According to him, he had been preparing for the attack for a long time, saving money to buy firearms. By the spring of 2021, he had the required amount.

The accused underwent a medical examination to obtain a weapons license. He originally planned to attack his former school, but then changed his mind and chose Perm State University. The shooter was in his first year of law.

Eight people were killed and more than 10 were injured in a September 20 shooting at Perm State University. The wounded suffered not only gunshot wounds, but also injuries and fractures, as students jumped out of windows to escape for safety.

One of the victims was a security guard. He reportedly tried to stop the attacker at the entrance to the university, but was shot.

About an hour after the first report of the shooting at Perm State University, Russia’s Investigative Committee reported that the shooter had shown armed resistance to security forces, was wounded and was taken into custody. According to the “112” telegram channel, the attacker was fatally wounded and died on the spot.

President Putin offered his condolences to the families of the victims.

A plane with medical equipment on board flies from Moscow to Perm to help the victims. President Vladimir Putin sent the heads of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health to Perm. Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolai Shishkin also flew there.

The Perm State University administration asked all eyewitnesses to the shooting to enter the student’s House of Culture, and asked the rest to leave the university grounds. Classes at the university as well as all local schools and colleges were canceled.

It was reported that the shooter was neutralized by the police. Police Junior Lieutenant Konstantin Kalinin went to the main building and Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Makarov began evacuating the students. The shooter saw the policeman and started firing at him. According to the TASS report, the traffic police officer returned fire and wounded Timur Bekmansrov, after which he was paralyzed and provided medical assistance. The condition of the attacker, who was shot, is critical.

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