October 20, 2021

A woman burns 90% of her body in an attempt to protect her dog from thermal springs.

Laiha Slaton was not afraid to risk her life for her dogs. She was traveling from Washington to Ohio to start a new job as a dental assistant. Her father, Vodra, and her sheikh Zos, Chevy, and Rusty, joined her on the road trip.

Laiha and Woodrow had never been to Yellowstone National Park, so they decided to take a short walk to check it out. Still, what should have been a beautiful memory turned into a real-life horror story. He ran away without a rusty strap and got stuck in a hot thermal spring. Without hesitation, Slaton jumped after him, not thinking about his safety. Now, she is fighting for her life.

Lay with her things.

Anxious to save the dog

On their journey, the family stopped at Madison Junction in Yellowstone. As soon as Laiha reached the dog leash, Shivi jumped out of the rusty car and waited patiently for her footsteps. Before Leah could get on the leash, a leak from a nearby geyser touched the rust and burned his foot. The dog panicked and accidentally ran into Maiden’s grave in Bihar, which is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vodra grabbed Shiva and put him in the car, but then he saw his daughter jumping into the thermal spring after it became rusty. He ran towards her and pulled her to the shore as fast as he could. He took her and the dogs to West Yellowstone, Montana, but Leah had to be taken to the Burn Center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Vodra was unable to stay with his daughter, so he took the dogs to the doctor despite burns on his feet. He knew what he meant by that, so he wanted to live. Chevy was unharmed, but sadly died of burns. Laiha’s family says Chevy is upset about her brother’s departure.

A woman with a tingling sensation.

Many terrible tragedies.

90% of Leah’s body is covered with burns, so doctors had to put her in a medically stimulated coma. They estimate that about 70 percent of her body burns in the second degree and 20 percent in the third degree. She has undergone several surgeries to remove dead skin and replace it with new skin. Vodra’s foot burns are also being treated.

“My family is injured. My brother passed away in September 2020 and when my mother got a call from my father that my sister had been taken to the hospital, there are no words to express that feeling.” Maybe my dad got her out so quickly and what happened when I heard her scream. “

Since the plan will remain in a coma for at least two to three weeks, she does not yet know that the rust is no longer alive. She will also have to stay in the hospital for a few months, and both her parents are staying with her in Idaho as she recovers.

Plan at the hospital

Help Leah’s family.

All medical, weight, and travel bills have been increased beyond the family’s means. So, Camilla made one. GoFundMe page. So that people can donate. He reached his goal of $ 45,000 but then realized that it had been raised to $ 200,000 after realizing how long the plan would require medical care, including Therapy after hospitalization.

“I’ve learned to live every day like tomorrow is your last day,” Camilla said. “My sister is always so selfless and always puts others in front of her. She loved to take care of people and that’s how she expressed her love. That girl is very strong and she endured a lot. Is.

Many people have pointed out that there are many warnings in Yellowstone that remind people. Control your dogs And stay away from thermal springs, but Kamala reminds everyone that these things don’t matter anymore. The past cannot be changed, and the Slaton family knows how to be more careful in the future. No one is perfect, and mistakes happen. Therefore, we need to focus on the speedy recovery of the strategy rather than making a decision.

To see updates about Laiha and her family, check out. Camilla’s Instagram page..

Slaton family.

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