October 18, 2021

A woman at a fast food store accidentally burns a human finger inside a burger.

A Bolivian woman discovers a melting human finger inside a burger after ordering food at a fast food shop in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The woman claimed to have found her finger after biting at a hot burger shop on Sunday. Stephanie Benitez shared a shocking story. FacebookDescribe it as accidental cannabis.

“At meal time, I chewed a finger,” he wrote with some disturbing pictures. The pictures show that the rotting of the fingers on the plate next to the burger looks like a madman.

Good evening My friend and I tried to close the branch and they offered to close it but started working again as if nothing had happened. “On top of that they told us they would give us our money back,” he said. It’s like nothing happened. Please share. “

In the accompanying video, which garnered over 60,000 views, Benitez can be heard sarcastically saying, “Here we are at the fabulous hot burger where one finger in my burger ended.”

He was also heard talking to a restaurant representative, who then said that the burgers had arrived at the prefabricated store and that “nothing like this has happened to us before. Please tell me what you want.” And we will give it to you. “

Although the correspondent offered to close Burter Joint when Burnett was present, he reportedly “continued to serve customers as if nothing had happened.”

After his post went viral on social media, a Hot Burger spokesman called the case an “unfortunate incident” and explained that a worker had lost part of his index finger while preparing meat. Local police have also confirmed the incident.

Bolivia’s deputy minister for consumer and consumer rights defense later announced that the burger branch would be temporarily closed and the firm would be fined. New York Post Is informed. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Representation Photo: Engine Accurate / Pixabe.

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