October 27, 2021

A ‘wall of shame’ built by Paris residents to stop creek users.


The construction of a tunnel barrier wall to prevent creek users from entering the Paris suburbs has caused “anger” and “hatred” among locals and the city’s mayor.

On Friday, authorities brainwashed a tunnel under Paris Ring Road that was dug out of a park called Jardine de Oval in the 19th and 20th arrondissements near the northeastern suburb of Pantone after clearing about fifty creek smokers. ۔

Instead of building a wall, he says, the French government needs to find a permanent solution to Paris’s decades-old drug problem and prevent it from spreading to low-income suburbs.

Paris police chief Didier Lelmont said creek users had been evacuated from the park because their presence had become “unbearable” near “several schools”, adding that the wall was “for the residents of Pentecost.” Necessary protection “, which is part of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, one of the poorest in France.

‘Wall of shame’

Many residents of Auburn Wheelers in and around Panton chanted slogans on the so-called “wall of shame.”

The construction of the wall has a symbolic significance. It’s disgusting.

“This wall is blocking the way for the locals,” added Maxim Moroni, a Pantene resident who is accustomed to cycling through the tunnel to reach Paris and avoid the “hell” of the Port de la Vallette cycle. Opens access to them. Ramp

Pantene Mayor Bertrand Kern called the government’s decision “shameful and irresponsible” and called for an emergency meeting with Prime Minister Jean Costa Rica.

“You see between 130 and 150 men and some women on the gates of Paris in a kind of filthy town, in very unhealthy conditions, and who today need a social and health response, not a protective response. Is.” Interview with franceinfo on Sunday.

“This is a temporary solution to the natural emergency, and it does not satisfy anyone,” admitted Justice Minister Eric Dupont Moriti. RTL Radio on Monday.

For years, local authorities have sought to relocate Creek users outside the northeast of Paris. Local groups are demanding more permanent solutions with housing and “safe consumption rooms”.

On September 16, French Prime Minister Jean Costaque gave the green light to its creation. New oven centers In Paris, where people can “safely inject, smoke or take drugs under medical supervision.”

“The state will support the creation of these centers, provided it finds the right kind of location,” Caestax wrote in a letter earlier this year in response to a request from Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who was chosen as the next candidate. Are fighting Presidential election of the year

Lalment and Heidelgo have repeatedly crossed swords at the Socialist Mayor’s further monitoring of drug use, a proposal that has been rejected by many on the right.

So far only one giraffe is open in the capital near Dow Nord and opened in 2016. Hedalgo was forced to abandon plans for a new project in East Paris this month following a commotion by residents.

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