September 23, 2021

A Virginia police officer has accused a black man of “reckless” shooting after he made a gun mistake on his phone.

A Virginia sheriff’s deputy has been charged with multiple counts of firing on an unarmed black man after he allegedly made a mistake on a cardless line phone.

Isa Brown, 32, was shot dead by SpotSvillenia County Sheriff’s Deputy David Trebefell around 3 a.m. April 21. Brown’s lawyer, David Haynes, said in a statement the people Magazine that Brown “did nothing wrong and was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher [the deputy] Recklessly shot him eight times. “

“Mr Brown suffered a number of injuries as a result of the shooting, which will affect him for the rest of his life. When he crossed the road with David Turby Phil, Jesus Brown’s life was shattered and changed forever. That the allegation was not taken in the light of Mr Brown’s physical condition was “an indication of a measure of justice,” Haynes said.

The crime was documented via a 911 audio recording, as Brown came on the phone with them when he was shot. According to the recording, Brown called and told a dispatcher, “My brother will not let me into his mother’s room.” After the sender replies, “OK, but if your car is broken, why do you need your key?” “Give me a gun,” Brother Brown was saying.

After the brother’s refusal, Brown said to the sender, “Can you send someone down here?” The sender said, “What’s going on, Jesus? Why not just you – what’s the matter?” To which he replies, “I am about to kill my brother.”

“Don’t hit your brother. Why would you say that?” , The sender told Brown, who again insisted that someone be sent to the scene. The sender once again warned him, “Do you think that you only threatened to kill your brother on 911 on a recorded line? Why would you say that?”

“Because I need to take my shawl,” Brown said. When asked if he had a gun, he said yes first, then “no.” He doesn’t have a weapon and he walks down the street. “How are you walking down the street with your home phone?” The sender asks, to which he says, “Because I can.”

The sound of the siren reaching can be heard, after which the dispatcher asks Brown to raise his hand, when an arriving deputy shouts, “Show me your hand, drop the gun!”

Another voice was heard saying: “He has a gun to his head,” referring to the phone.

“Drop the gun now! Stop walking towards me! Stop walking towards me! Wait! Wait,” shouted the first officer, after which shots were fired.

Later, an officer was heard saying, “I killed a boy.”

According to a transcript of the call, Brown’s brother arrived as the officer was giving first aid and asked, “Does he still have a home phone?”

The deputy replies: “That’s fine.” Then, to Brown, the officer says: “Come on man, stay with me.” Finally, in the rush of first aid, and after promising to “come to the hospital,” the deputy shouted, “Hey, where’s the gun? Where’s the gun?”

Naib has now been charged with “negligent handling of firearms, which resulted in serious injuries. It was not immediately clear whether he entered a petition. If convicted of the crime.” If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

Police line
Representation A police line. Photo: Pixby

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