October 18, 2021

A UN investigation has revealed crimes against humanity and war crimes in Libya.


To investigate possible abuses in Libya, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights investigators said Monday that they had provided evidence of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in the North African country.

The first findings of a “fact-finding mission” launched by the Human Rights Council, released Monday, look at the history of crime. Murder, Torment, Slavery, extrajudicial killings and rape. The findings could send a strong signal to key international and regional powers that violence and abuse have devastated Libya since the fall of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi a decade ago.

The violence in Libya, which has been going on since 2011 and which has been going on almost unhindered since 2016, has enabled a serious commission. Violation, Abuse and crimes, including crimes against humanity and war crimes, against the most vulnerable.

Experts cited reports indicating that the Libyan Coast Guard – which is trained by the European Union – as part of efforts to stem its flow. Refugee Across the Mediterranean – he abused immigrants and handed some over to concentration camps where violence and sexual violence are “common”.

Amnesty says migrants in Libyan camps are forced into the sex trade for clean water.

Amid concerns about foreign mercenaries. LibyaExperts say there is “reasonable grounds to believe” that an official from a Russian private military company, known as the Wagner Group, “could have committed murder.” Shoot people directly. Participate in hostilities

The report also cites the findings of “trusted organizations” that the Libyan Coast Guard has detained about 87,870,000 migrants since 2016, including those under the department to deal with illegal migration. Management includes 7000 “currently”.

More than 5,000 people, including hundreds of children and women, have been detained as a result of unprecedented crackdowns in Libya, and at least one migrant has been killed in related raids. Done.

The fact-finding mission, which has documented possible human rights violations and abuses since 2016, includes news reports, deadly violence by UN studies and advocacy groups, mistreatment of immigrants, horrific detention conditions and recent Increases warnings about overall instability in Libya. Year

The experts wrote, “Keeping in mind the need to ensure justice for the victims, the mission has identified individuals and groups (both Libyan and foreign actors) who are responsible for the violations and abuses committed during the investigation.” Can lift. ” “Given the complexity of the situation, additional time and resources are needed to establish individual and state responsibility for all violations that occur after 2016.”

Under An arbitration., The country – which is now ruled by an interim government after years of partition – has taken drastic steps to return to stability, including plans to hold national elections later this year.



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