September 18, 2021

A top US scientist has revealed that he heard of a coyote outbreak in Wuhan two weeks before China warned the world about epidemics.

A top scientist has revealed that he heard about the outbreak of covid in Wuhan a few weeks ago when China finally warned the world about the virus.

Ian Lipkin, a professor at Columbia University in the United States, has revealed that this reveals Beijing’s statement about the early onset of the epidemic.

Ian Lipkin claims that the first outbreak was reported on December 15.


Ian Lipkin claims that the first outbreak was reported on December 15.
China faces serious questions about its role in the early stages of the epidemic.


China faces serious questions about its role in the early stages of the epidemic.Credit: AP

Professor Lipkin told a new documentary by director Spike Lee that he learned of the “new epidemic” on December 15 – two weeks before China notified the WHO on December 31.

China has long denied any wrongdoing in the early days of the epidemic, but the communist state has been repeatedly accused of covering up.

There has been speculation that the death toll and case counts may be false, doctors who warned about the virus have gone silent, and the onset of the virus may have been whitewashed.

Lipkin, who was honored by China for his work on the SARS outbreak, was even asked to clarify its history – and he repeated it on December 15, reports Mail on Sunday..

China claims that there were only five known patients in Wuhan before that time – and only a week ago it reported an initial confirmed case.

The scientist said he had been “diagnosing the disease” with his friends “at the Centers for Disease Control” and at the National Government since “mid-December”.

Professor Lipkin also told a podcast that he was informed by his Chinese research partner Lu Jiahai, a public health professor at Guangzhou University who said the outbreak could have been prevented with a better early warning system. ۔

Its claims completely undermine China’s statement that a new virus was first reported on December 27.

Beijing claims that a hero doctor reported the virus – also known as covid – after treating the case at his hospital on Boxing Day.

However, it seems that by this time the infection was already spreading rapidly and Chinese scientists were already aware of the danger.

It is also claimed that a private lab in Guangzhou collected Kwid’s “almost complete viral genome sequence.”

And it is alleged that the information was transferred to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences because of similarities with SARS.

However, Professor Lipkin has since stated that he has no new basic commentary on his remarks.

“Infectious diseases continue to spread around the world,” he said.

“The majority never gets the attention of large organizations because they do not turn into epidemics.”

The scientist worked with China to monitor the early epidemic – and praised Beijing’s efforts to fight the virus.

He has also written joint articles that refute the theory that Cowade may have. Escape from Wuhan Institute of Virology – But since then his ideology has softened.

In June, he said, “If they have hundreds of bat samples coming in, and some of them don’t have a feature, how will they know if the virus is in the lab or not?” Will. ” .

Wuhan was the first city to be affected by the Cowboys.


Wuhan was the first city to be affected by the Cowboys.Credit: AFP

China and the West are at odds over the early days of the virus, with Beijing defending its actions, saying the United States was politicizing its failure to continue the epidemic.

The US intelligence community has released an “unconfirmed” report, claiming that it did not yet know that Covid 19 was born in a Chinese lab.

But the agencies concluded that the virus was “not developed as a biological weapon”, according to a summary of an unclassified report released last week.

It suggests ” [intelligence community] The possible origin of Covid 19 remains to be seen. “

But every agency assumes that either an infected animal appears naturally or a “laboratory-related event” occurs.

War of words

In particular, four members of the US intelligence apparatus say they have little confidence that the virus was originally transmitted from an animal to a human.

The Fifth Intelligence Agency has only moderate confidence that the first human infection was linked to a Chinese lab.

President Joe Biden called for a fact-finding mission in May to determine the root causes of the epidemic.

However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry retaliated against the US investigation before the report was released.

Fu Kang, director general of the State Department’s Arms Control Department, said the scapegoat could not whitewash the United States.

China is now trying to blame the United States – it is suggested that Cowade has escaped from the US military’s Fort Dietrich base in Maryland.

Despite the vast population of 1.4 billion and narrow cities, China has admitted only 95,010 cases and 4,636 deaths from coyotes.

WHO boss urges China to release key data from Kwid and acknowledges investigation that denies Wuhan Lab leak

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