A savvy mom shares a simple trick that makes her brush look like new by removing all dirt and hair, and it only costs 5p.

MAMA has taken the internet by storm by revealing a cheap hack that instantly removes all the dirt from her hairbrush with almost no effort.

TikTok user @maddie5pr shared the trick on social media where the video went viral with over 2.6 million views since it was posted.


It is also very important to properly rinse off the residue, she added.Credit: @maddie5pr/Tiktok

According to the savvy cleaner, all you have to do is pour some glue—she used Elmer’s Clear glue—onto the brush and let it dry completely.

Once it’s dry to the touch, simply peel off the adhesive – it might be a little tricky at first, but then it should be easy to remove.

A short video that nearly 100,000 people liked then showed off the final results – a brush that’s like new, next to glue residue with grime and hair that’s accumulated over time.


A TikTok user stated that “he will remove everything that is on the brush, and at the end it needs to be washed a little for disinfection and that’s it.”

But while many continued to tag others to watch the video and called it a “great idea,” not everyone was impressed, saying there were easier options like this viewer: “Or you can just put your hair up.”

“You can just take a brush and brush it, I promise it will work,” read another suggestion.

Someone else agreed, adding, “Mmm, I just bought a new brush. Or just remove the hair and then rinse the brush.”

A user shared a rather bad experience: “The stubble came out. I had to buy another brush.”

“A professional hairdresser has come in – you can soak your hair in hot water and dish soap for a few hours and that will remove any residue,” the expert recommended.

It wasn’t all negative, however, as some users thanked her for sharing the hack, writing, “God, I’ve been wanting to know how to clean up the dust for so long.”

“I think the goal was to basically remove the lint, not the hair… Sometimes the lint can be very difficult to remove,” commented a supportive viewer.

“This is amazing, thanks, this is great for the dirt that sticks to the base of the brush, nothing completely removes it,” added a third.

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While Some Called The Hack


While some called the hack “great”, others claimed it ruined their brush.Credit: @maddie5pr/Tiktok
Tiktoker Says Glue Removes All Dirt


TikToker Says Glue Removes All DirtCredit: @maddie5pr/Tiktok

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