A Russian Z tank swept through southern Ukraine under the flag of the Soviet Union amid Putin’s claims to “restore the USSR.”

A RUSSIAN “Z” tank with an old Soviet Union flag was spotted as they continue to claim that Vladimir Putin wants to “restore the USSR”.

The exact location where the footage was filmed is unknown, but it is believed to have been in southern Ukraine as Russian forces continue to try to take over the country.


There is an opinion that the tank was filmed somewhere in the south of Ukraine.1 credit
The Red Banner Of The Soviet Union Is Clearly Visible When The Tank Drives By.


The red banner of the Soviet Union is clearly visible when the tank drives by.1 credit

The old hammer and sickle flag was dropped after the collapse of the Russian-dominated Soviet Union in 1991.

The red flag was seen as a symbol of Russian oppression and domination by many people in the satellite countries of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine, as well as in countries such as Kazakhstan and the Baltic states.

It is believed that Putin, the Russian president, intends to build an empire and effectively create a new “Soviet Union”.

Putin’s desire to make Russia great again is no secret, nor is his admiration for the Soviet Union.

Vlad called the collapse of the tyrannical bloc “a real tragedy” and some believe that he is trying to set the map back about 30 years.

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Ukrainian intelligence has warned that Russia wants to “neutralize Western influence and create a trading space”—essentially return to the USSR.

When tanks and troops invade Kazakhstan, it takes us back to the times behind the Iron Curtain.

Returning to World War II, Putin attempted to justify his decision to invade Ukraine by saying that he sought to “demilitarize and denazify” sovereign democracy in Kiev.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and lost three family members during the Holocaust.

Putin has tried to expand his influence in a number of countries that were once part of the Soviet empire, including Turkmenistan, Belarus and Crimea, as well as in countries such as Venezuela, Syria and Cuba.

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Earlier today, shocking footage showed a Russian tank crushing a car as it drove over it and then spun again on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.

The video, believed to have been filmed in the Obolon area, five miles from the city center, shows an armored personnel carrier moving erratically through the streets of Kiev.

It happens like:

The lone tank is thought to be the Strela-10, an anti-aircraft vehicle used by both the Russian and Ukrainian armies.

And it is believed to have been run by pro-Russian “saboteurs” who also hijacked a military truck before being killed by soldiers.

Miraculously, the elderly man behind the wheel appears to have survived after passers-by tried to free him with an axe.

Rr Map Russia Putin New Empire V1 1


The news came as Russian troops were seen flying the flag in Ukraine as part of the second wave of Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

Tanks, trucks, howitzers and other armored vehicles, some of which are marked with the characteristic “Z”, are arriving from Crimea.

Other cars crossed the border from Belarus, they are marked with the letter “O”.

The “Z” symbol has become a distinctive depiction of an invasion, as it is believed to signify invading forces or to stop friendly fire.

And above a power plant in Kharkov, in southern Ukraine, a group of soldiers raised the distinctive red, white and blue striped flag of Russia.

Fighting rages across the country as Ukraine struggles to resist the attack.

Russian Soldiers Raise The Flag In Kharkov


Russian soldiers raise the flag in Kharkov1 credit
Russian Cars With The Symbol


Russian cars with the symbol “Z” go to UkraineCredit: Reuters

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