September 21, 2021

A newborn baby was found inside a furniture drawer on Chicago Street.

A newborn baby was found Tuesday inside a homeless dresser’s drawer on a Chicago street. A woman searching for recycled material near a trash can discovered a baby. The child is in good health, Chicago police said.

Paramedics were called to the 2300 block of North Oak Park Avenue in the Montclair neighborhood by the woman who had the baby. Chicago Tribune. Is informed.

Fortunately, the baby was present before the garbage trucks arrived, the report said. The woman said she held the baby until paramedics arrived and that the baby was alive when he arrived.

According to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford, the baby was admitted to Lori Children’s Hospital and is in good condition. “It’s a good thing someone came. It’s hot there, it could have ended differently,” Langford told News Outlet.

He added that although the baby’s age has not been determined, it is “considered a newborn.”

Although garbage was being collected in the area at the same time, it is not clear if the drawer was close to the garbage dump.

The fire department informed police, who arrived on the scene and are investigating. Police said no additional details were available as the investigation had just begun. Officers also did not specify if they were looking for the mother.

Meanwhile, the woman who discovered the baby called the discovery a miracle. “I put my finger on the little foot, just to see if it was moving,” he said. NBC Chicago

“I found it to be the biggest thing. Whenever I think of the little details, it drives me crazy. So I’m just going to focus on the miracle that I was there, and every One showed up on time because I was shaking so badly, “he added.

Under the Safe Haven Act, which was enacted in Illinois in 2001, parents can safely leave a child under the age of 30 days at a hospital, police station, fire station, or emergency medical facility without leaving the child without fear. Leave with facility personnel. Legal implications If the authorities determine that the child is in danger, the person may face arrest.

Newborn baby
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