October 18, 2021

A new restaurant will open at Glasgow City Center HMRC Development.

A new restaurant will be opened as part of the “massive” Atlantic Square development, which includes HMRC offices.

BAM Properties has been given permission by the Glasgow Licensing Board to sell liquor from the site.

The restaurant will open on the ground floor of 2 Atlantic Square on York Street, with six floors above.

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Its majestic revenue and customs (HMRC) has taken over 1 Atlantic Square, and 2,500 workers will move into the building by early 2022.

Jack Cummins, who represented BAM at the licensing board meeting, said the restaurant would be part of a larger Atlantic Square development in the city’s International Financial Services District on the way to Broomelao on York Street.

He said: “1 Atlantic Square has been completed. This is a ten-story office block that HMRC will occupy on a 25-year lease from the beginning of next year, and will greatly welcome the 2,500 jobs in the city. Will make it one of the largest employers in the city.

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There will be 2 retail units on the ground floor of Atlantic Square, and Mr. Cummins said the license application is “related to one of these units”, which plans 204 indoor seats.

“The rest of the space will be given to a caf / / delicatessen, with a retail element and a sale offer,” he added.

Talks are underway with potential occupants of offices in 2 Atlantic Square, with BAM Reporting Engineering and Project Management Consultancy Atkins taking over some space.

At the restaurant, a main dining area will accommodate 144 guests, private dining for 60 people and an outdoor area for 46.

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