September 21, 2021

A new poll shows that Spaniards want the infamous King Juan Carlos to return from exile.

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos went into self-imposed exile in the United Arab Emirates last year after Swiss prosecutors launched an investigation into accounts allegedly held in tax havens. However, a new poll for a newspaper found that more than half of Hispanics still want the former king to return home, despite allegations of corruption against them.

The NC report poll for La Razon found that 57% of those polled said the former king should return to Spain. The survey also found that 49.5 per cent did not think the current situation had harmed the kingdom in the long run, while 42 per cent thought it was detrimental. The poll also noted that a large majority favored the monarchy with some positive thinking, with 73% voting that he was the “basic” figure in democracy in the country. Royal Central.