September 23, 2021

A man stabbed his friend’s lover in a Glasgow flat.

A man attacked his friend’s lover in front of him, after which he was attacked.

James Morrison, 24, attacked Michael Malay on May 7, 2019, at his flat in Garthamlock, Glasgow.

Mr Melvey had earlier beaten his colleague and Morrison’s friend Heather Ross.

Miss Ross left the room when the pair returned before the beating, when she was alone on the blood-soaked floor.

Morrison was found guilty in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court of injuring Mr. Melvey for his grievous bodily harm, permanent defamation and life-threatening assault.

Morrison initially claimed he acted in self-defense.

The court heard from Miss Ross, 24, who said she was living in the flat with Mr Melvey at the time.

Ms Ross said she and Mr Melvey had been drinking before joining Morrison.

However, Ms Ross claimed Mr Melvey was in an “aggressive state” and refused to leave the property.

Prosecutor Carrie Stevens asked if the three had stopped drinking together.

He replied: “Michael and I used to drink and since he was very drunk and started arguing I took a bottle of vodka and filled it with water.

“I told James he would keep drinking water and coke because Michael had no alcohol around.”

He said that as night fell, the atmosphere between him and Mr Melway became “tense”.

Miss Stevens asked how it came to be.

The witness said: “When James came down, we were still arguing, and he was telling Michael to leave.

“When Michael started hitting me in the room while James was sitting next to me.

“He was trying to provoke me to get a reaction from me.”

Ms Ross said the two men started arguing and she left them to go to the kitchen.

She said she kept going back and forth to see the two men get better.

She said she went to the kitchen for the last time but claimed that the living room was silent.

Miss Ross said: “I was waiting for Michael to come and hit me because I knew he was.

“I didn’t hear him so I shouted at him from the kitchen and got no answer so I went back to the room.

“He was no longer on the couch and I looked down and saw him lying on my back.

He had a smile on his face and I asked what happened when I saw that there was blood on his cheek.

“There were no scars on his face … the moment I saw there was blood on my swollen pajamas.”

Miss Ross said she dialed 999 before police and ambulance crews arrived at the flat.

He claimed that Mr Melvey had told him before he got into the ambulance: “Don’t tell them all the chickens.”

Miss Stevens asked: “The injuries you’ve seen Michael, don’t you know how he got through them?”

Miss Ross replied: “I know he was stabbed by the fact that he was cut, but I did not see his wounds as he left.”

Punishment for Sheriff John Kerr’s background reports has been postponed until next month.

Morrison of Garthmlock was taken into custody during this time.

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