September 28, 2021

A little conspiracy: Ted Lasso’s team captain Roy Kent is played by a computer model, not a living person in the series. That sounds nonsense. But how can anyone see it now ?!

This message (content) is created and (or) distributed by a foreign mess media that acts as a foreign agent, and (or) a Russian legal officer and a functional officer.

Save Medusa!

Roy Kent is one of the main characters in Apple’s flagship series Ted Lasso. He is the captain of the English Premier League FC Richmond football team, coached by the main character of the series, American Ted Lasso. Kent is a very talented footballer, but at the same time rude and angry. Probably because he is the oldest member of the team and his football career is clearly coming to an end. Many events of both seasons are associated with this hero. It was played by British actor Brett Goldstein. Or did you not play?

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