October 25, 2021

A Lamar County judge upheld Attorney General Ken Paxton’s mask roll against the Paris ISD. News

After hearing arguments for an hour and a half, Lamar County District Judge Wes Tudwell issued a temporary restraining order against the Paris ISD in order to block the implementation of the district’s mask mandate in its dress code. It also scheduled a hearing on the permanent restraining order in the first week of November.

Representing the state, Assistant Attorney General Will Vasdorf argued for the government. Greg Abbott’s Executive Order 38, which was issued in July announcing his disaster, prohibits local jurisdictions from mandating the use of masks and carries the same weight as state law.

Paris defense attorney Denis Ishelbom argued that while Abbott stated other state laws that would overturn his ruling, the governor did not include the Texas Education Code, which gives local trustees full authority to decide school policy. Gives.

Ashelebum first challenged the power of the Attorney General’s Office to take the case to court, citing Article 5 Section 21 of the Texas Constitution, which states that the county attorney will represent the state in all matters.

Ashelebam argued that the attorney general did not have the authority to present the case, as he said any further decision would be set aside until the case was brought by the appropriate authority.

When Todwell asked if Ashelebam could cite the current case law to substantiate his claim, Ashelebum replied that it was not time to enact a law relating to the governor’s declaration of disaster. Tudwell then allowed the hearing to proceed.

Calling Superintendent Paul Jones his only witness, Wasdorff questioned Jones about his role in enforcing the need for a face mask, while Ashlebam tried to prove in cross-examination that students’ health and safety The need for a district face mask is similar to that of the University Interscholastic League. Baseball players need to wear masks and soccer players need to wear helmets.

Ashlebam summoned several board members, including two health professionals, who testified about the effectiveness of the face mask, and the board’s intent to protect the health and safety of its students and staff. ۔

At the beginning of the hearing, however, Tudwell made it clear that it was not his duty or intention to rule on whether facial masks were effective or whether students should wear facial masks. Paris ISD needs a face mask in its clothing. Violation of state law code

“I’m not here to decide whether to wear a mask or not, but to decide who Trump is,” Tedwell said.

The Paris ISD has issued a statement saying it will comply with the interim order. Masks are now widely encouraged on campus.


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