September 18, 2021

A Glasgow man sexually assaulted a woman who tried to help her.

The man’s sentence for raping a woman who tried to help her was postponed after court equipment failed.

Glasgow Sheriff’s Court heard that Kevin Kerr assaulted the woman when she came to examine him for her welfare concerns.

Deputy Financier Kyle Dalzell told the court that Karen, of Thornewood, was drinking on September 9 last year and called the woman.

She was worried about his well-being and worried about how much alcohol he had drunk, so he wandered around his flat and found it “disturbing and intoxicating.”

The woman sat on the sofa next to Kerr, where she placed her hand between his legs and attacked his legs.

He repeatedly told the 40-year-old to stop trying to touch her, the court heard, but he continued to do so without her consent.

The woman did not feel at ease, so she pulled out her cell phone and videotaped what was happening.

Mr Dalzel said: “The complainant, out of concern for his own well-being, stayed with the accused and tried to calm him down, however, the accused placed his hand between the complainant’s legs without his consent.”

Still worried about Kerr’s well-being, he went to the Partik police station to talk to the affected officers.

He and Kerr later exchanged messages on WhatsApp where he said he had no recollection of the incident but apologized.

The court was told that the recording equipment failed when the case was first heard and therefore the social work report of the criminal justice could not be forwarded.

Kerr’s lawyer told the court that he was saying absolutely no.

Sheriff Patricia Price said: “It will have to be copied and sent to the Social Work Department so that the matter can be further postponed.

“Your absolute exclusion request will be postponed until this date.”

The case continued till September 17.

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