October 25, 2021

A cleaning expert will show you why you should never use laundry detergent powder to make your carpets pleasant.

A cleaning expert has revealed why you shouldn’t always rely on tick-tock cleaning hacks.

Anne Russell, from England, often posts videos to her followers about cleaning, saving money and general life advice, and her page has received more than eight million likes.

Ann often offers TikTokers advice and support.


Ann often offers TikTokers advice and support.Credit: Tik Tak / @ annrussell03.
Although the hack will leave a nice smell, it can make your carpet dirty.


Although the hack will leave a nice smell, it can make your carpet dirty.Credit: Tik Tak / @ annrussell03.

People often ask Ann how to clean the devices on her tick talk account. annrussell03, Finding the best way to clean clothing items and other people asking for general advice about life, such as feeling confident or budget issues. And Ann is always there to help and advise.

As usual, with ‘Cleaning Tick Talk’, people are sharing the hacks they found to make their homes easier to clean and stay fresh longer.

One hack that is growing in popularity on the app is to use laundry detergent power to make your carpets fragrant.

However, hacking can do more harm than good, as Anne explained in a video.

Anne said: “Oh dear, I understand why you’re doing this, and it sounds like a great idea, but the point here is that you won’t take all this powder off your carpet.

“It means you are going to make soap powder, which, if you have children, or if someone goes to it with bare skin, it will be annoying.

“It will make your carpet more dirty because it is sticky. I know it smells a lot but please don’t use soap powder on your carpet.

“If you can afford it, get a vacuum cleaner and wash them, don’t use anything with it, because there will be plenty of soap in the carpet.

“If you need to do that, use something like shake and wak or soda bicarbonate.”

People in the comments asked Ann how she could clean her carpet, to which Ann gave some suggestions.

In a separate video, Ann said the best way to clean your carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner and wash it or rent it to someone with a machine.

Laundry powder can be irritating to the skin and your pet, so it’s best to avoid putting it on the carpet.

Consumers appreciated Ann’s recommendations and were happy to keep in mind that everyone’s budget is different.

One user wrote: “You are kind enough to think about each and every one of their situations.”

Another user wrote: “Thanks! I almost did it!”

Hovering will not lift all the force that can cause skin irritation.


Hovering will not lift all the force that can cause skin irritation.Credit: Tik Tak / @ annrussell03.

And the cleaning expert explains how to sharpen your towels using white vinegar.

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