September 20, 2021

A boat capsizes in French Guiana, killing three migrants

At least three people were killed when a boat capsized in French Guiana carrying about 20 migrants from Brazil to an illegal gold mining site, local officials said.

The small wooden boat sank on August 28, but the incident was not reported until a survivor was rescued by a happy boat on Tuesday by a boy in the Coro Channel in the French South American region. Hugged tightly.

The Brazilian woman told rescuers she was aboard a boat that capsized after leaving the Brazilian city of Oyapok, on the river’s border with French Guiana.

Prosecutors in the French Guiana capital, Caine, said the boat apparently came from Oviedo, an illegal gold mining site with Brazilian nationals.

“We can consider that there were about 20 people on board,” he told AFP late Friday.

Air and sea rescue operations launched on Tuesday resulted in the discovery of three bodies and four survivors, he said.

Oyapak police chief Charles Correa told AFP the plane was carrying 25 people, including 15 children and three crew members.

An investigation has been launched into “increasing genocide and human trafficking,” Fennells said.

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