October 25, 2021

A 70-year-old man was stabbed to death by a dog, found lying in the dirt.

A 70-year-old Alabama man was killed Tuesday by a pit bull. The victim was found lying in a dirt road after being attacked by a dog.

According to local media reports, police arrived at the scene on 17th Avenue in Phoenix City and found Frank Cobb injured. The victim was taken to Pedmont Columbus Regional Hospital. However, due to his injuries, he had to be transferred to Grady Health in Atlanta, where he died.

Authorities did not identify the dog’s owner.

Police said the dog was at the scene when they arrived. After authorities lubricated the dog, it fled, after which they began searching for the dog and investigating the attack. CBS 42 reported. A dog, according to the attacker’s description, was later found dead in HWY 431 South after colliding with a vehicle.

Citing the Associated Press, WVTM13 reported that the dog’s body had been sent to the lab. It was not clear how the whole incident unfolded, and whether anyone would be charged in the incident.

A video was also posted on Facebook showing Cobb lying in the dirt and appealing for help. However, the video was not circulated online because it was graphic and could be annoying to viewers. Cobb’s body was flown back to Alabama, where an autopsy will be performed.

Family members said Cobb was a lovely man, full of life and loved to talk to people.

In July, a 77-year-old Arizona woman was attacked and killed by four dogs while sitting on the porch in front of her. Police identified the victim as Maria Rose. The elderly woman was sitting outside her home when she was attacked by four Staffordshire Terrier Mix dogs without provocation. A neighbor said dogs have been violent in the past and should have been taken care of long ago. The dog’s owner was arrested after the incident.

Pit bull
Pit bull dog photo. Photo: pixabay

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