October 25, 2021

A 21-year-old woman is left ‘sad and upset’ by a low sex drive and has revealed how she cured him by eating key vegetables.

One model has revealed that she is struggling with low sex drive – but has now found a “cure” for her libido problems.

Camilla Elle, from Miami, Florida, earns 150 150,000 a month and shows off her curves online, saying people often think she’s a sex worker because of her job.

Camilla struggled with low sexual desire.


Camilla struggled with low sexual desire.Credit: Jam Press.
After months of feeling lethargic and unhappy, the model began researching natural remedies for her lack of independence.


After months of feeling lethargic and unhappy, the model began researching natural remedies for her lack of independence.Credit: Jam Press.

But nothing could be further from the truth, as the 21-year-old girl has struggled with her freedom for many years, which she believes is the result of taking birth control pills.

“It’s ridiculous, but because of my job, people think I want to have sex all the time, but I’ve struggled with less freedom for many years,” she said.

“It all started when I first started taking birth control pills. Nothing worked for me.

“They really affected my mood and made me feel very depressed and anxious.

“I also felt very conscious, like I was just young – it must have been when I was printing for it, but I wasn’t at all.”

Camilla, who has 55,000 Instagram followers (am camilaelle2), tried another type of contraceptive pill but said it all dampened her mood and saw her lose her desire for sex.

After months of feeling lethargic and unhappy, the model began researching natural remedies to help her lose her independence.

She said: “I read about doing yoga, changing my diet and taking different supplements to help increase my sexual desire.

“I was really skeptical but thought it was worth a try.”

Camilla modified her diet, adding more vegetables and herbs, including a special ingredient: mica, also called peruvian ginseng.

Crushed vegetable is closely related to broccoli and black and some studies have shown that it can increase sexual desire or reduce sexually transmitted diseases.

The model also cut out processed sugar and dairy, as well as scheduled daily masturbation sessions.

Two weeks into her new lifestyle, Camilla says she noticed that her sexual desire was slowly returning.

He said: “I suddenly gained a lot of energy and actually wanted to have sex again.

“You can buy it anywhere from all health food stores.

“I felt that what you put into your body really made a difference, so I focused on really clean food.

“I’ve also read that daily masturbation can help increase libido, because orgasms release hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, so if you’re doing this daily, your engine is always ‘running’. ۔

“So I started incorporating it into my self-care routine.”

Camilla, who already exercises six times a week to keep her body toned, added yoga to her mind-building routine.

He added: “I work out in the morning, and I spend my days in the gym.

“I like to combine things with weight training to keep myself toned and healthy, but yoga really keeps you in touch with your body.

“Especially the positions that open your hips, I always feel very sexy, full of confidence and relaxed after the session.

“If I’m feeling a little less, I want to do naked yoga to get back to basics and feel connected to my body and aware of my physical and mental condition.

“Sometimes I get distracted when I’m practicing yoga and I think about having sex in a yoga position. It’s so exciting!

“Now that I’ve stopped taking pills, I feel very natural.

“I can finally have sex several times a day so I’m so happy! I finally feel myself again.”

The model stopped taking shots.


The model stopped taking shots.Credit: Jam Press.

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