7 things you need to do to make your clothes last longer – and you’re definitely washing them too often

If you didn’t know, the washing schedule directly depends on how long your clothes will last.

If you’re starting to notice that your clothes are falling apart after too many washes, it’s probably time to change your laundry habits.


By making a few simple changes on the day of washing, you can easily extend the life of your clothes.1 credit
Using Less Laundry Detergent Is One Way To Extend The Life Of Your Clothes.


Using less laundry detergent is one way to extend the life of your clothes.1 credit

Fortunately, Chatelaine specialists general seven tips to help your clothes last longer.


Simply put, if it’s not dirty, don’t wash it.

The fastest way to wear out clothes is to wash them often, so only wash things that are really dirty or smelly.

A thin sweater you wore with a tank top can probably be worn again, while jeans have probably been worn a few times before they need to be washed.


Another common laundry mistake is using too much detergent.

According to expert Patrick Richardson, detergent “accumulates over time on clothes and shortens their life without leaving them cleaner.”

He claimed that you only need two tablespoons of detergent for a full load.

Richardson also suggested using a normal detergent for heavily worn items like sports uniforms and work shirts, and then something milder for the rest of the clothes.


Garments embellished with sequins, embroidery or lace should be handled with care following the instructions on the care label.

However, when in doubt, you can always gently hand wash and air dry special items.

Richardson also said you can opt for mesh laundry bags that keep clothes from getting tangled up in the washing machine.


Using heat on clothes, whether it’s hot water in a washing machine or using a dryer, wears down the fibers of your clothes over time.

You can extend the life of your clothes by opting for cold water and hanging your clothes to dry instead.

In addition, Richard advised: “If you are going to put things in the dryer, open the door and take out what is dry every few minutes.”


Dryer balls not only help your clothes dry faster, they are also cheaper and help keep your clothes fresh.

On the other hand, dryer sheets will eventually ruin your clothes’ ability to breathe and absorb moisture.


Hanging up wet clothes is a surefire way to stretch them, so try adding a quick spin cycle to squeeze out excess liquid.

Then put your clothes on a dryer or some towels to air dry.

If you must use hangers, use wooden or soft hangers instead of wire hangers so your clothes don’t change shape.


And finally, you can freshen up old clothes by removing all pills from them.

Or use a fabric razor or pumice stone to rub the pills off the elbows, underarms, and belly of tops and jerseys.

In other laundry tips, there are three things you should always separate into separate loads.

Plus, there’s a $1 tip to keep your whites bright.

Using A Dryer Ball Instead Of A Sheet Can Extend The Life Of Your Garment.


Using a dryer ball instead of a sheet can extend the life of your garment.1 credit

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