7 Celebrities Who Almost Made Careers in Sports Like Kate Middleton, Gordon Ramsay and Gigi Hadid

MOST ambitious athletes fail to become pros in their discipline in the long run.

And that includes a number of notable individuals who have made a name for themselves in other creative ways.


Chef Ramsay tried to be a footballer when he was a teenager.1 credit
Model Hadid Was Fond Of Volleyball In Her Youth.


Model Hadid was fond of volleyball in her youth.1 credit

Here are seven famous celebrities who have nearly made it to success in various sports endeavors.

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsey Has Appeared On Soccer Aid Since Being Forced To Retire From Football As A Teenager.


Ramsey has appeared on Soccer Aid since being forced to retire from football as a teenager.1 credit

Prior to his career as a celebrity chef, Ramsay pursued his dream of becoming a professional football player.

He was approached to try out for the Rangers at the age of 15, but ended up having to retire from the sport due to a series of unfortunate injuries.

Although he didn’t turn pro, he used his culinary exploits to earn a seat at many Soccer Aid matches.

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock Is One Of The Brightest Stars In Wwe.


The Rock is one of the brightest stars in WWE.1 credit

It’s a bit rude to put him in the “almost” sports camp.

Johnson is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers of all time, he has become the world heavyweight champion 10 times.

He enjoyed an iconic feud with Stone Cold’s Steve Austin before paved the way for WWE stars in Hollywood.

Johnson, Steve Austin, John Cena and Dave Bautista have since starred in blockbusters.

Jason Statham

32 Years Ago, Statham Competed For England At The Commonwealth Games In Diving.


32 years ago, Statham competed for England at the Commonwealth Games in diving.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

This may surprise many people.

But before Statham’s USP became a Hollywood tough man, he was actually part of the British national diving team.

And he was successful! In his 20s, he represented England at the 1990 Commonwealth Games, placing 10th in the 10m platform final.

What’s more, Statham grew up with Vinnie Jones, who went on to play for Wimbledon and later co-starred with Statham in Cards, Money, Two Smoking Barrels.

Kate Middleton

Middleton Was A Keen Hockey Player During Her High School And College Years.


Middleton was a keen hockey player during her high school and college years.1 credit

Middleton may be an important part of the royal family now, but she was once an avid athlete.

She played for her high school field hockey team and then went on to do the same at university.

And after meeting Prince William, she enjoyed warming up with the British Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team in London 2012.

Terry Crews

Crews Competed In The Nfl Back In The 1990S.


Crews competed in the NFL back in the 1990s.1 credit

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Crews is best known for his role as Lieutenant Terry Jeffords on the hit American comedy show.

But, quite remarkably, he was once part of the NFL.

He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991 before also going on to play for the San Diego Chargers.

Gigi Hadid

Hadid Was An Impressive Volleyball Player As A Teenager.


Hadid was an impressive volleyball player as a teenager.1 credit

Hadid has become a global star thanks to her successful modeling career.

But as a child, she was the captain of the school volleyball team and once hoped to become a professional.

When asked about her playing days on Jimmy Fallon in 2019, she said: “You would probably be scared of me.”


Louis Tomlinson

Tomlinson Joined Doncaster Rovers For The 2013-14 Season.


Tomlinson joined Doncaster Rovers for the 2013-14 season.Credit: Keith Campbell – The Sun Glasgow

He may be a world-famous pop star, but Tomlinson tried to become a football player back in 2013 after One Direction had already become world famous.

Nine years ago, he signed for his hometown club Doncaster Rovers as they agreed to a non-contractual deal.

Speaking about it at the time, he said, “It’s really incredible. I have been a big football fan for a long time and grew up in Doncaster and have been to many Keepmoat games.

“Being part of the club is incredible.”

Despite an incredible move, Tomlinson only managed to play for the reserve team and 5,000 people came to watch him.

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