September 23, 2021

5 people test: Dior back stage pink glow

The attachment for which so many people are out. Shame on you Often for good reason. Blushers can change any shape, they can help you become more alert, more dynamic and add direction to the face. We’ve tried a lot of them – a lot. This Dior The backstage pink glow promises that the color-enhancing universal shimmer gives a natural healthy glow to anyone in any color. So what exactly would it take to make one of these many people the winner?

We’ll tell you what: Tick ​​tock And Kylie Jenner. mostly. Beauty The devils there will be alone. Tic Tac Toe has put us on some of the best. Beauty hacks And make up TrendsWho else on our radar doesn’t want a billionaire to be an approved make-up product? Allegedly, this shame is what Kylie Jenner owns. MUA Aerial Uses it and since we’ve found out, the beauty of Tik Tak is corner obsession!

Universal claims are bold, but science supports them. This smart blush reacts to the moisture level in your skin to give you a completely customizable pink color. Ariel calls her “Baby Doll Glam” and her secret is allegedly and just a lot of embarrassment! Well, that sounds pretty simple. Of course, we can’t all talk, so we decided to try this shame in five different colors and here are five honest thoughts.


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Georgia Trudeau, Glamor Associate Commerce Writer

When I first opened the compact, I was struck by a pink bubble shade that made me a little anxious – I’m usually one of the peach colors, so I didn’t know it would suit me. At the request, however, I was completely wrong. The bright pink powder got stuck in the tone of the rose and gave my cheeks a full glow of color. I didn’t even have to mix it.

The only downside to me is that, even though it’s called Rosie Glue Blush, I’ve found it quite a bit. When you look at it closely, there is a slight glow in the complexion, but I did not find that it was transferred to my face at all. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you do not mind removing the blur, but the name can be a little misleading. Since testing it, I’ve used it every day and even tried it as an eye shadow (#versatile).

Classification: 7/10.

Shi Mamuna, the beauty and entertainment assistant of Glamor.

I’ll be honest, as much as I love Dyer, this bubbly pink embarrassment didn’t excite me at first, because I couldn’t see him working against me. Sanola color. I like to be shy, it’s definitely a desert island beauty product for me, but I usually light up when I see a dark and warm color. I have always found that the purple shades of pink work best for darker skin tones and are religiously attached to it. However, since it is considered a shadow of universal color awareness, I decided to go for it and I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, the compact is beautiful, the Dior Imprint makes it so chic, and having a little mirror makes it perfect for walking. The structure is smooth on request, and glide on easily. It was on the Asian side first, but two swipes and it got hot and looked very flattering. I applied from cheek to cheek, above and beyond my nose, for a ‘matte cute’ and shiny look. It’s faded, so I didn’t really see the shiny effect I was expecting, but I don’t care about too much shine on my blusher so it didn’t bother me. Dior, that’s why I love you. * Strong finger

Classification: 9/10.

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Luca Vederby Mathews, Glamor’s social media assistant.

When I looked at it, I was excited to try this blusher. Why? Because according to TikTok sleuths and MUAs alike, this is the blusher that * * * Kylie Jenner uses.

Of course, pink is a bit more of a cool end of the color spectrum when it comes to the colors I reach. I usually go for warm colors like coral and berries. The end result, though, is beautiful. This color helped to give my cheeks a healthy, subtle glow, which I really need with a cold. One of my faults would be that on my skin color, I felt I had to use a little more product than usual to see the noticeable difference, but it still impressed me.

Classification: 8/10.

Katie Teahan, Managing Editor / Chief Sub-Editor of Glamor.

What I want from a blusher: a heat pop (absolutely necessary after our summer non-event). A pick-up, brightening effect. This kind of natural looking flush that looks like I’ve just returned from a brisk walk #healthy. But most of all, do it without explicitly saying, ‘I’m wearing a blusher.’

I tried Diorback Stage Rosie Glue in Shadow 001 Pink, and my first impression on opening the compact is that it is Pink. Think: High lighter pen pink. Given the bright colors, I was skeptical at first that this shyness would look something else, but when you are more without makeup, it will not be ideal. But when I tapped it on my cheek apple and rubbed it, it changed the beautiful shade of the delicate, bright rose. It even managed to brighten the face of my ‘4pm cut in the office air mine’ – no easy feat.

You have to go a little further with this product, but if you are looking for a popping color puff, you can really build it. And it smells like a real rose and lives up to its pink name. Who doesn’t want a little dior in their make-up bag?

Classification: 8/10.

Isra Wahiba, Radio Presenter.

As a recent embarrassing fanatic, the best-selling stage star Rosie Glue topped my list. There comes a time in every makeup wearer’s life when they become “big” and soon become an important part of your basic routine. It’s a shame and as the last shame of the day and night, it’s a must for any cut. As a daytime look, it gives a healthy glow that is needed when the sun is not shining. At night, however, it’s a game changer, paired with a sleek, full-face soft glam.

The lubricant is noticeable in the product but unlike most spots, it is very easy to make this gloss without too much hardness. One of my applications would be for a light stroke on the tip cheekbones, which can really give a custom punk shade. The product is forgiving in its place, and is easy to mix with other base products to create a smooth look. This shame has become my soul and has not disappointed me yet!

Classification: 10/10.

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