48-year-old mother who starved her disabled daughter to death in a ‘dark room covered in feces’ could face an increase in jail time

A mother who starved her disabled daughter to death in a dark room covered in feces could have her prison sentence extended.

The evil Elaine Clarke, 49, was imprisoned for nine years and seven months and was sentenced to nine years and seven months in prison for confessing to the involuntary manslaughter of Debbie Leitch by gross negligence.


Angry mother jailed for slowly starving her 24-year-old daughter to deathCredit: Lancashire Police.
Elaine Clarke Insulted Debbie Leitch Before Her Death In Blackpool In 2019.


Elaine Clarke insulted Debbie Leitch before her death in Blackpool in 2019.Credit: Facebook
Debbie'S Father Thomas Said That He Learned About The Death Of His Beloved Daughter Through Facebook.


Debbie’s father Thomas said that he learned about the death of his beloved daughter through Facebook.

Debbie, who had Down Syndrome, weighed just 3 10 pounds when she died in a room filled with takeout boxes and was using diapers at her home in Blackpool, Lanks, in 2019.

The court was told that the 24-year-old woman “was not immediately recognized as a woman” by frightened paramedics.

Now Attorney General Swella Braverman has told the House of Commons that Clarke’s prison term has been reviewed under an overly lenient sentence scheme.

The case has been referred to the Court of Appeal, which will now decide whether to increase it.

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Her announcement came after local Conservative MP Scott Benton complained that Clark’s sentence was “unreasonably lenient”.

An autopsy revealed that Debbie’s death was caused by starvation and neglect while she had a massive scabies infection on her skin.

There were dried feces in the room, and live larvae lay on the floor.

Doctors believe that she could have died a full 36 hours before her “lazy and selfish” mother Elaine Clarke called an ambulance.

The judge said that Clark “left Debbie to die in pain, without food and in the most appalling conditions.”

Paramedics found Debbie’s body on August 29, 2019 after calling an ambulance.

It was heard that she was not immediately “recognised as a young woman” as her face was covered in scabs and thickened skin.

There were pliers on Debbie’s jumper and trousers, and when her clothes were cut, they tore off the skin that had stuck to the fabric.

Her trousers were soiled and a skin infection had caused her hair to fall out.

Judge Amanda Yip said: “She was losing her hair.

Scabies mites were allowed to breed and multiply. Her skin was crusty.

“The cause of her death was neglect and exhaustion.”

Unfortunately, the court heard that Debbie “idolized” her vile mother. The young man had a boyfriend and went to college.


But Clark began to neglect the young woman, keeping her locked up in a messy bedroom.

Social workers came, but the accused, who bought shoes and bags while her daughter was starving, did not come to see them.

Surprisingly, the case was closed.

Debbie’s cousin Sammy Mugridge visited her in her room shortly before her death.

“The sight of her in the room will always stay with me,” said Mrs. Mugridge.

“The stench was incredible. I can only describe it as the stench of death.

“Debbie was so skinny. Her hair was cut off and her skin looked like raw flesh. It was like a scene from a horror movie.”

“She cried for you”

Judge Yip told Clarke that her daughter was “struggled to walk.”

“She cried because of you,” she said.

“The family was horrified and said that if you don’t look after them, they will report you to the authorities.

“You assured them that she is now up and eating and looking after her.”

Afterwards, Clark scrubbed Debbie clean in a “tormented” shower, as was heard.

The court heard the victim “scream” during the laundry.

Neighbors said they heard the tragic child weep for his mother days before her death.

Six people were arrested in connection with her death.

Clarke changed her plea of ​​innocence just ten days before she was due to stand trial.


Her former partner Robert Bruce, 45, was accused of allowing or causing the death of a vulnerable adult. The charge was later dropped.

Debbie’s father Thomas Leitch, from Hastings in East Sussex, told the Sun Online that he learned of his beloved daughter’s death via Facebook.

“My ex-wife Amber was on the phone with her sister who is friends with sister Elaine,” he said.

“Ellen left a comment on Facebook.

“That’s how I found out. I had to contact the police in Blackpool to find out what happened.”

Thomas immediately took over the arrangements for the funeral.

But he claims he was not eligible for a funeral grant, and Elaine made the decision to bury Debbie in a pauper’s grave.

He said: “I managed to get half of her ashes and I buried her in the local church, right next to my father.

“At least I was able to do it for her.”

He said that Debbie “loved to just act and be the center of attention”.

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“Every time she saw me, her face would light up,” Thomas said.

“All I can do now is try to remember the good times, but the good times have been forever marred by what happened.”

Thomas Paid Tribute To Debbie


Thomas paid tribute to Debbie
He Said That She Enjoys Acting And


He said that she enjoys acting and “being the center of attention”.

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