October 17, 2021

3 rescuers work together to bring the lost dog back 150 miles.

Dogs themselves have the ability to walk remarkably long distances on foot. It is unfortunate that whenever a missing dog is a hundred miles away from home, we must learn this lesson again.

On September 25, 2021, hikers found a 5-year-old German Shepherd Mix named Teddy Bear, who went missing in Washington’s Wenatchee National Forest. They brought him out of the forest and into his care. Human Society for Tacoma and Pierce County..


The shelter first scanned the teddy bear for a microchip when it was inserted. This scan showed the crazy distance that this dog had come.

A microchip works its magic.

The good news is that the teddy bear actually made a microchip with information about it. Surprisingly, a microchip scan revealed that the teddy bear’s home was 150 miles away in Yakima, Washington. Who knows how he made it so far, but. Thank God he had a registered chip..

Of course, 150 miles isn’t exactly local, but the Human Society was determined to reunite Teddy with the family he’s missing. Nathan Van Ness, assistant pet coordinator at the Human Society for Tacoma and Pierce County, said the organization had not thought twice about trying:

“We had the opportunity to bring the boy back to his family. Knowing that there was regular transport between them, we immediately contacted Seattle Human and the Yakima Human Society.

Ride house in “Chelsea Rescue Rider”

Through an animal rescue network, the Human Society of Tacoma and Pierce County obtained a lift for teddy bears on the way to Yakima. It turns out that Seattle Human already makes regular visits between its campus and the Yakima Human Society. He was more than happy to use the “Chelsea Rescue Rider”, a vehicle that makes a long rescue trip for the organization.


“Chelsea Rescue Rider” frequently. Transportation of endangered animals From East Washington and Los Angeles to the Seattle area. This time, Van went in the opposite direction to bring Teddy back home.

Sarah Davidson, L.A.The ifesaver program supervisor at Seattle Human explained:

“Our life saver assistant moved the teddy bear, and he was so happy to do it! We love reuniting pets in their homes.

A network of animal lovers

The teddy bear finally reunited with his family, who were delighted to find their missing dog. The important thing is that it was all possible. Through the teamwork of animal lovers.. Van Ness said:

“We are very grateful to be part of an animal welfare network that can come together to help an animal in need, and we hope that it will continue to be built.”


Seattle Human Davidson also thanked the efforts of the three different rescue groups that brought the teddy bear home.

“There was a lot of noise for the Huma Society to bring Tacoma and Pierce County here to us so early this morning and for the Yakima Human Society to take its owner.”

In a Facebook post, the Human Society for Tacoma and Pierce County stressed. Price of a latest microchip. Without one, teddy bears can still be homeless.

“You can’t always prevent your pet from going missing, but you can make sure they return home safely. Puts up with

Update these microchips., Logo!

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Featured image: Facebook

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