October 25, 2021

2021 Halloween haunted houses that help homeless animals.

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A combination of fun, fear and philanthropy, from beach to shore, numerous Halloween haunted homes will help dogs and cats who need homes forever as they bring fear to fans in the spirit of the 2019 screaming season. Let’s join!

We’ve been able to dig up the following attractions that will raise funds for claw causes as they increase heart rate; see what’s happening with Halloween Hearts in your area!

Remember that ghosts are homes. For humans onlyAfter all, no one wants to look like a frightened cat in front of their dog!

Halloween haunted houses that help homeless animals.


Rotten Apple 907.

Where: 907 in St. Burbank, Northern California.
When: October 22-24 and 29-31 from 7pm to 10pm.
sign in: Free (Donations requested.)

Giving is good for the soul (a soul you can lose when evil enters London Fog!), So donations are requested for this free, awesome festival.

All contributions received will benefit Burbank Animal Shelter volunteers.


Hawkins Hunted House.

Where: 19 Manly’s Village in Nathalie Drive, Hawkinson.
When: October 18-19, October 25-26 from 7pm to 11pm.
sign in: $ 7 adults, $ 5 children under 12.

Current conditions have pushed back plans to reopen the haunted house, but a skeleton crew hopes to “scare some bones” for animals in need by reviving outdoor Halloween displays for frightened spectators to enjoy. All donations received will benefit CompAnimals Pet Rescue.


Skier House Panelas.

When: Friday and Saturday in October, as well as Halloween.
Where: 12461 Creek side drive in Largo.
sign in: $ For the weekend of October 1 – 2, 8 – 9 and 15-16 October 21 – 23, and October 28 – for the weekend of Halloween $ 20.

The slogan says it all: “We are afraid because we care.”

A portion of the proceeds from this fear site will go to SPCA Tampa Bay, and as a treatment for fear victims, by donating acceptable items in the care of an animal welfare organization. Attendees will receive 5 5 for admission.

The path of terrorism.

When: Every Friday and Saturday in October, starting October 8.
sign in: 16.

Halloween may be the result of sleep times for those who dare to face fear outside the Human Society of Highland County, but for those who experience nightmares, poisonous clowns and The Mad House Sweet dreams for homeless dogs. And cats in nonprofit care.

Halloween Haunted Trail

When: October 30 from 5pm to 8pm.
Where: 791 Animal Care Campus at Southfield Stone Boulevard.
sign in: $ 10 Suggested Donations.
For teenagers and adolescents, warm-hearted costumes and pets alike can walk the Halloween-haunted trail decorated with Monroe Human Association animal care.


Harris Haven Haunted Funeral Home.

Where: 3767 Lafayette Road in Evansdale.
When: October 1 – 2, 8 – 9, 15 – 16, 22 – 24, 28 – 31.
sign in$ 15 per person Admission to Jacob’s Playhouse (a hunt for children 10 years and under) $ 5 per person.

Expelled for another year of fear, the horrible situation you face in Harris Haven Haunted Funeral Home can make your blood cool.

Visitors can relax in peace, however, knowing that this focus helps the Cedar Band Human Society in its ongoing efforts to revitalize dogs and cats as needed.


Best Haunted House.

When: Open in mid-September. October dates 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 21-23, 28-31 and November 5-6.
Where: 1401 13th Street in Kansas City.

The country’s largest haunted house also has a big heart, and the Great Plains is a longtime supporter of the SPCA.

New Hampshire

Haunted overload.

Where: De Merit Hill Farm at 20 Orchardway in Lee.
When: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from October 11th to October 27th, plus an awesome Nightlight Night and Halloween on October 17th, Glue Stick Night on November 1st and Blackout Night on November 2nd.
sign in: Day Hunt $ 6, Freight Night Light $ 14, Glue Stick Night $ 16, Lights Out Night $ 12.50, Mind Event 26

The winner. Great Halloween scary night. On ABC, the popular Fear Festival is a hub for many hearts (and intestines, and brains, and…) that raises funds each year for the Kokiko Valley Human Society.

From scary cats to scary genre devoted fans, this villainous place offers something for everyone. There is a haunted trail to Halloween, which can only lead to death for those who dare to walk the path. However, things that seem to collide at night will not make you laugh when you see them in the sunlight, so if you have a “little monster” in your family or if you are on a ghost without a frightened reaction. Dying to Go One day Hunt goes through an actor-free environment full of seats that will fill you with fear as the sun sets. Even the haunted overload for an evening also offers a view of the cave without a night of fear, allowing visitors to see all the special effects and terrifying lights without encountering any evil encounters.

New York

Haunted Woods Walk.

When: Every Friday and Saturday evening in October.
Where: 1660 Orchard Park Road in Buffalo.
sign in: سی 5 donation to SPCA in Erie County service.

Enjoy a family friendly night that sheds light on fear and helps our four-legged friends in need! The one-hour tour includes a cemetery tour, a bonfire (weather permitting) and a pumpkin patch for “little monsters.”


Bestley Haunted Trail.

Where: Beaver County Human Society on 3394 Broadhead Road in El Cape.
When: September 27 – 28 and October 4, 12, 18 – 19, 25 – 28.
sign in: $ 15 adults, $ 12 children 12 and under.

The daytime foundations that lead to the Beaver County Human Society provide a second chance at life for dogs and cats as needed, but when it gets dark, the facilities will lead to creatures that provide living daylight. Will frighten Bestly Haunted Trail. A real journey of terrorism, parents with children under 12 must be.

Hundred acres of land.

Where: A 100-acre drive in Bethel Park.
When: Every Friday – Sunday in September, October 2 – 6, 9 – 13, 16 – Halloween, and November 1 – 3 and 8 – 9
sign in:
Tickets range from $ 5 to $ 50.

People who wear their hearts in their sleeves when they talk about the causes of claws will feel that their heart is in their throats as they embark on a journey of fear in the famous Pittsburgh Fear Factory.

One of the stars of the horror world, Hundred Acres Munawar has appeared on The Travel Channel, and is consistently named one of the strangest Halloween hunts in the country.

With more than a mile of monsters at six attractions, plus two escape rooms and a “live burial” simulator experience, over the years, Hundred Acres Manor has raised more than لاکھ 1 million for the Homeless Education Children’s Fund and Animal Friends. What is it.


Maxley estate.

Where: 510 Harwood Road in Bedford.
September 27 – 28 and October 4 – 6, 11 – 13, 17 – 20, 24 – 27 29 – November 1.
sign in: $ 25 General Admission, $ 40 Fast Pass.

An awesome popular site that starred in the 2014 Silver Screen Scream Fest. The houses were built in October., Maxwell Munawar is celebrating its 12th anniversary of the spread of fear.

Doors That Can Destroy Your Two Haunted Houses And Victims (… er, VisitorsOne is invited to come, everyone is invited to come to the scariest show on earth, the biggest attraction of terrorism in 3D Haunted House.

The scent you get will be for good reason, however, a portion of the ticket sales each year goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the SPCA of Texas.

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