September 20, 2021

20 years of marriage between Prince Hakun and Princess Matte Merritt. The first royal wedding of the 20th century

Prince Haakon’s marriage to Mete Merit of Norway was famous for a number of reasons, including the fact that it was the first royal wedding of the 20th century. The happy couple celebrated two decades of their marriage on Wednesday, August 25.

Norway’s royal court celebrates its 20th anniversary. Images Of the couple – three from their wedding, some from their royal engagements, and some from their personal holidays. The Norwegian caption reads, “It has been 20 years since the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were married at Oslo Cathedral. Congratulations on this day, Crown Prince Hakon and Crown Princess Matte Merit!”

The Crown Princess also shared a sweet selfie on her own. Instagram Page, and just wrote “20 years” with purple heart emoji.

Prince Hawkins, heir to the throne after his father, King Herald V, met his wife in 1999 through mutual friends. However, their relationship drew a lot of criticism, and their engagement drew negative reactions from the public and the media. Matt Mart was not considered the ideal partner for the crown prince, due to his lack of education, his previous job as a waitress, his previous relationship with a convicted criminal, and his social life where drugs are easy. Were available from “

He himself confessed to previous drug use and heavy party history. Also, at the time of their marriage, she was the only mother of a son named Marius Borg Hebei who was born out of her relationship with convicted felon Morton Borg.

The monarchy’s support as an institution remained low during this period, but the King Herald continued to support his son’s decision as he spent nearly a decade trying to convince his father that he was a common son. Allowed to marry Haraldson. There were also rumors that conservative sources were trying to pressure Hawkins to consider relinquishing his claim to the throne, as did King Edward VIII of Britain for marrying the American Socialist Wallace Simpson.

Despite opposition, Hawkins and Matte Merritt tied the knot on August 25, 2001, at Oslo Cathedral.

Hakone wore a black army uniform with a red turban and medals for the ceremony, while Matte Merritt wore a white silk crepe dress with a 20-foot-long veil with a 1910 diamond band. The style was shiny. Marriage, Mete Merit is known by its royal majesty Crown Princess Mete Merit. Despite the health problems of the future queen, the couple is still getting stronger. They have two children together: 17-year-old Princess Ingrid Alexandra and 15-year-old Prince Sawyer Magnus.

Princess Matte Merit.
Norwegian Crown Prince Hakun and his wife Crown Princess Matte Mart after their wedding at Oslo Cathedral in 2011

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