September 17, 2021

19: Japan restores Ivermectin treatment.

The bold statement by Haru Ozaki, president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, a prominent Japanese physician, that Ivermectin should generally be used to treat Covid 19, may embarrass British and French medical authorities.

Robert Harness (DR)
Robert Harness (DR)

By Robert Harness.

A bold statement by Haru Ozaki, president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, a well-known Japanese doctor, that Ivermectin should be commonly used to treat covid, is likely to be embarrassing to medical authorities in both Britain and France.

To date, they have been adamant in their commitment to prevent covid treatment with well-known, safe, effective and affordable drugs, especially hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Whether or not because, as MEP Michèle Rivasi remarkably remarked in a 2015 interview, “the pharmaceutical industry has bought everyone”, it remains a matter of whether to vaccinate only for London and Paris. Will

Dangerous side effects.

In France, doctors who believe it is their duty to prescribe first aid are actively harassed. They are ignored in the UK. The mainstream media is globally silent on the subject, unless they actively publish articles that show that these drugs, which have been safe for decades, can have sudden dangerous side effects.

Everywhere the official mantra is “we need more tests and more reliable tests”.

French Prime Minister Jean Costak even claimed that he was unaware of the existence of such drugs, in a commission to investigate epidemics in the National Assembly on November 17, 2020. Health Minister Olivier Vieran openly insulted her in the National Assembly, laughing at her literally.

1500 doctors.

In the UK Prime Minister Johnson assured the House of Commons on January 27 that he was considering using Ivermectin. As far as one can tell, it is still there. If there has been any progress, it is because of medical doctor and researcher Tess Lowry, who has worked tirelessly to draw attention to the many trials that have shown good results.

In france Led by Dr. Gerard Madroux, 1,500 doctors presented a “resource grace” to Health Minister Oliver Veeran. According to the French pharmaceutical agency ANSM, it is “in its honor” to make it clear whether it honestly believes that ivermectin is ineffective. Apparently afraid to say yes, he flatly refused to make the bizarre claim that he was not responsible for the ANSM’s decisions.

Japan recommends Ivermectin.

Despite extensive evidence that these drugs work, in both countries, the MedicoPolitical-Media Circus has been able to overcome this shortcoming because supporting studies from poorer countries have limited resources and modest medical reputation. Despite the thrilling good results of Ivermectin in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with a population of 220 million.

The WHO, the European Medicines Agency and national agencies have refused to back up the treatment, showing every sign of “arrest” as economists call it, through the same industry they control. Want.

On August 13, everything changed. Dr. Harrow Ozaki Facing the resurgence of infection in the country, he gave a press conference in which he emphasized the general use of Ivermectin by general practitioners. Japan. The first major industrialized country to come out and return from Ivermectin without reservation.

“In Africa, we compared countries that gave Ivermectin with countries that didn’t give Ivermectin; in countries that gave Ivermectin, the number of cases was 134.4 per 100,000 and the death toll was 2.2,” he told reporters. Countries that do not use Ivermectin have 950.6 cases and 29.3 deaths per 100,000.

In a crisis situation.

He continued: “I’m sure the difference is clear. Of course no one can say that Ivermectin is effective just based on these data but when we have all these elements we can’t say that Ivermectin is not effective at all. Yes, at least not. We can do other studies, but we are in a critical situation. The use of ivermectin clearly requires the informed consent of patients, and I think we are in a situation where We can afford to give them this treatment. They also suggested it for prophylactic use.

Clearly, in the face of Dr. Ozaki’s blunt statement, it will now be very difficult for opponents of early treatment in France or England to let people die when drugs are clearly in place to save lives. Keep going Medical source

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