September 23, 2021

11-year-old boy wraps his testicles in a 5 cm stick after falling from a tree

An 11-year-old boy has scrotum on a 5cm stick after falling from a tree, and his testicles are missing more than a millimeter.

A young man from Makasar, Indonesia, lost his foot while climbing a two-meter trunk.

X-rays showed a stick hanging from her genitals.


X-rays showed a stick hanging from her genitals.Credit: Urology Case Reports.

Doctors revealed that her penis had been pierced by a branch, her testicles missing in millimeters.

The boy was taken to hospital four hours after the crash, Urology Case Reports magazine said.

Bitter pictures show that the stick has penetrated to the left below his elbow, and has reached the navel bone.

Doctors scanned the area to confirm that her testicles were not damaged before the stick was removed.

Doctors gently valued the stick and gave it antibiotics, and a tetanus vaccine to help prevent any infection.

When he was examined a month later, doctors told his healers that he had fully recovered.

Experts said. Mail online. The boy was “lucky” that the stick did not hit his testicles or major arteries, which could lead to life-changing injuries.

Jonathan Glass, a consulting urological surgeon and member of the Royal College of Surgeons, said the boy was lucky to escape.

He said: “A life-changing injury can occur when something that penetrates passes through the urethra, testicles or penis.

“Other structures at risk, if anything, were the bladder, small and large intestines and (large arteries and veins) that pass through the abdomen.

“All of these injuries can have lifelong consequences for this patient.”

Such injuries are fortunately rare, but disturbing footage shows how a few years ago a man climbed over his chest through a large metal pole.

He can be seen in a hospital bed in pain and covering his eyes as doctors assess his serious injury.

And a builder was once hanged on a metal rod that went into his back and was heartbroken after falling off a construction platform.

An unidentified 22-year-old man was working on a building site in the eastern Chinese city of Huzhou when he fell about 13 feet on a rebar.

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