September 20, 2021

103 have been jailed for contempt of court since the banned speech against the Thai King.

Criticism of the Thai monarchy continues with up to a year in prison, with unprecedented speeches being made against the extreme power in the king’s hands.

A total of 103 people have been jailed for contempt of court since the speech to discuss the role and accountability of King Mahajiralong Karn. Human rights lawyer Arnen Nampa has already spent months in jail on charges of defaming the monarchy. Reuters.

The 36-year-old said he had no regrets despite his imprisonment, and vowed that the cases would not crush the anti-government movement that has gained momentum in recent weeks. “I think it’s worth it. Now society can move on and people can talk about the monarchy,” he told the agency in an interview. Refused

In addition to Nampa, 102 Thai youth-led anti-government protesters have now been charged with insulting or threatening the king or his immediate family, a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison. ۔ Hundreds face other criminal charges for criticizing the royal family.

Anti-monarchy protesters reshaped the movement in central Bangkok on Tuesday, where Arnon reiterated his call for reform in the monarchy and called on the country’s legislators to repeal the Lease Majesty Act and return public property that the government The king has handed over to Wajiralong Corn. Succession in 2016

“A year has passed and not only have we not received an answer as to whether the king will change, but we have also faced retaliation,” Arnon said in his speech.

Arnen also criticized conservative Thai culture, where the king is traditionally condemned, while any criticism of the ruler is considered taboo and illegal. The activist argued that it was important to talk openly about the monarchy in order to push for democratic reforms and the removal of Prime Minister Prayut Chen Oocha. Priyut, a retired general officer in the Wright Thai Army, was named prime minister in 2019 after the military overthrew an elected government in 2014 and held general elections in which a military-backed political party was elected under his leadership. Happened

However, Privet’s office insisted he retained power in 2019 in free and fair elections. The government also defended criminal cases against protesters. “Sometimes the protests were not peaceful … when there is violence, the police should keep the peace,” spokesman Anucha Barpachishri said on Monday.

Meanwhile, the palace has maintained its silence and said it would not answer questions on the protest.

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn and Queen Sotheda.
Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn and Queen Sotheda greet supporters as they leave the palace Photo: AFP / Jack Taylor

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