You’ve been eating cupcakes wrong, says Anne Hathaway, the right way is less messy

Anne Hathaway shared a revolutionary way to eat cupcakes that will save you the mess and delight your taste buds in equal measure.

In a guest appearance on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actress showed off her nifty tip, which includes turning your cupcakes into a sandwich.


Hathaway opted for a rainbow cupcakeCredit: The Kelly Clarkson Show
The Cupcake Was Split In Half Before Turning Into A Sandwich.


The cupcake was split in half before turning into a sandwich.Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show

Hathaway explained the origin of her cupcake trick as she unwrapped her rainbow cupcake, ready to show off her unique life hack: “I didn’t realize it was so unusual until I was at my friend Steph’s 40th birthday and it was so omicron colored. we didn’t have cake so we made cupcakes.

“So I took my cupcake and made this and it stopped the party.

“Now I’ve stopped parties before, but never for a good reason, and that was a good way to stop a party.”

The trick is to take the cupcake of your choice, tear it down the center, then flip the top over and put the pieces together.

You'Re Cooking Chicken Wrong - The
You Stored Your Honey Wrong - The Right Way Means It Stays Fresh

Hathaway’s way ensures you don’t get “no ice on your nose” and leaves you with a new creation: the cupcake sandwich.

Clarkson, delighted with the stunt, stated, “I’ve never seen anyone do that, but it reminds me of what feather pies are.”

Agreeing, Hathaway stated, “And then it feels more casual, almost like an appetizer, and I just want to make all the desserts more casual so we can eat more of them.”

If you’re looking for more helpful baking tips, you might want to consider how you cut your cake.

Apparently, cutting a round cake into triangles is not the best way to retain moisture, as the traditional way dries out the cake.

German premium cutlery brand Zwilling claims that over 100 years ago, a mathematician created the perfect way to cut a cake.

Instead of cutting the cake into pieces, the genius advised you to cut it into strips.

The process involves cutting two parallel lines down the center of the cake so that a rectangular strip can be pulled out.

Then the rectangular strip is cut into smaller pieces and served.

After you cut the cake, the remaining halves need to be put together so that air does not get inside the cake.

Each time the cake is cut, the process is repeated and the cake gets smaller.

Cupcake Cracking Guarantees You &Quot;Don'T Bother With Your Nose&Quot;


Cupcake Hacking Ensures You ‘Don’t Ice Your Nose’Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show
Hathaway Told How She Eats Cupcakes Made Of Felt. &Quot;More Natural&Quot;


Hathaway has stated that her way of eating cupcakes feels “more natural”.Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show
Clarkson Tried This Trick With Her Own Red Velvet Cupcake.


Clarkson tried this trick with her own Red Velvet cupcake.Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show

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