You’re Mashing Wrong – And How You Slice Your Potatoes REALLY Matters

As simple as this dish sounds, making the perfect mashed potato is not easy, as there are countless things that can potentially ruin a firm’s signature taste and texture.

For those who can’t imagine their dinner without the perfect side dish, TikTok-famous Michelin-starred chef Poppy O’Toole shared five key steps to help you improve your game.


Poppy talked about five things to do, including trimming them evenly.[/caption]

The first step, she says, is to cut the potatoes into even circles — while many people just toss a whole potato into the pan, slicing them evenly will cut down on cooking time.

When it comes to cooking, Poppy insists on always putting them in cold water first, rather than boiling, and adding a generous spoonful of salt.

“Third, make sure you steam dry your potatoes, so just lay a kitchen towel over them.


“This,” she said, “will make them nice and dry and very fluffy.”

Another key ingredient in the perfect mash is cream or milk, which gives the potatoes a velvety texture that melts.

According to the chef, who recently launched his cookbook, Poppy Cooks: the food you needit is imperative that you heat up the cream before adding it to the potatoes.

This is because it will blend better, she explained.

“Number five: add oil to the potatoes before you start mashing them through a sieve.

“A sieve or rice cooker makes your mash less thick than a masher,” Poppy shared a bonus tip.

“These five tips will change your mashed potato game forever.”

However, despite the hacks, not everyone was impressed, with one critical comment stating “I bet it tastes good, but honestly too much of a hassle for me, I hardly bother with cooking to be honest.”

Someone else said, “No one sifts mashed potatoes,” while another added, “There’s no need for heavily salted water.”

But not everything was negative, there were many positive reviews, for example: “I sifted potatoes instead of mashed potatoes, and it really was the best decision of my life.”

A fellow fan wrote, “I really don’t understand the negativity here, wow!

“If I’m going to cook food, I want it to be as tasty as possible so that I can enjoy it to the fullest.”

The viewer joked: “For three days I boiled potatoes in cold water.

“Still not ready. The sons are crying. Please advise.”

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Slicing evenly ensures that the potatoes are ready at the same time.[/caption]

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Despite Poppy’s recommendations, some felt it was too much salt.[/caption]

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According to the chef, if you cover the potatoes with a towel, you get an airy mash.[/caption]

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