September 18, 2021

‘You’re a dead man on the move’: Laut cut the passenger off the bus in Glasgow.

In a drunken rage, Laut bit a passenger on the bus and tried to grab the driver’s wheel.

Anthony Gordon wreaked havoc on July 9, 2019 after boarding Hope Street, Glasgow.

The 58-year-old initially ordered an end to sectarian violence.

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Prosecutor Kyle Dalzell told Glasgow Sheriff’s Court: “Then he went to sit in front of the bus and said ‘c ** t’ to the driver several times.

“Then they ran back, shouting ‘You’re a dead man.’

He kept yelling at the passengers and then came back to the front where he kicked the driver’s window and reached for the steering wheel.

“It simply changed the direction of the bus.”

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Several passengers shouted at Gordon before grabbing and pulling him.

Gordon then cut his teeth on a passenger’s hand and arm.

Police were alerted before Gordon was apprehended and arrested.

Gordon, from the city’s Garskiden, confessed to abusing, shouting sectarian abuse and trying to run the bus recklessly.

His lawyer told the court that Laut admitted that his conduct was “provocative.”

Sheriff Barry Divers sentenced him to 145 days in prison and ordered him to work 210 hours without pay.

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