September 18, 2021

Your Season 3 Netflix Release Trailer – Watch It Here.

on Monday Netflix You announced the return of your show. Returning to Season 3, Joe Goldberg will return to our screens to put us on the edge of our seats once again.

Returning on October 15, Netflix released a series of photos and clips of upcoming episodes. Viewers watched last season with love and affection in the suburbs, married and pregnant. So, it wasn’t surprising to see a kid feature in Season 3 Sneak Peaks.

“I’m hoping to do as I say, as I do,” Joe’s voice read in the promo video, addressing his newborn son Henry Quinn Goldberg. Understand.

“But for you, I can change. I will be the man you are looking for.”

Season 1 bookstore owner Joe follows Goldberg as he pursues his obsession with the love interest, Guinevere. Viewers see his obsession darken, leading to murder and deception.

Season 2 sees a fresh start, moving from New York to LA, and a new interest in the love queen. Soon the traces of her past come to the fore again, and whoever finds himself slipping into the old patterns, just to know that love is almost as dark as this;

Your season will premiere on Netflix on October 15.

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