October 18, 2021

You helped this surrendering Chihuahua find the perfect home!

When you buy items from it. iHeartDogs Store, A part of their income goes. Greater charity.. One of the Greater Goods. Rescue bank A program that provides healthy food for various shelters and shelters, which allows it to focus its funds on other care needs. Many dogs have benefited from these generous donations, including the Chihuahua named Yarden.

Yardan Chihuahua

Jordan, 5, arrived. What we do for pet love. After his family surrendered to him in Detroit, Michigan. He is a very loving, playful dog, but his family says he does not play well with his new baby. Therefore, they had no choice but to give it up. Fortunately, the rescue squad wasn’t called for him.

What we do for pet love is foster care that specializes in dogs and small dogs. They receive rescue bank donations from Greater Good Charities, so they don’t have to worry about paying for healthy food for every dog. Instead, they can focus on other areas of dog care, including finding a home for them.

Yardon is playing with toys.

Yardon’s second chance.

The yard may be a small chihuahua, but it has a lot of energy to move around. He’s embarrassed at first, but volunteers say he gets around quickly. He loved to run around in his foster home and play with other dogs. Yet, he was only saving for a limited time before anyone loved him and wanted to adopt him.

Now, Jordan is living his best life with his best family. He has a large yard to run around the house, and a brother to play with. He also has a cat brother, but he is not so interested in playtime. Jordan loved to eat healthy food at his foster home, so Rescue Bank provided something for his family forever. This cute little baby will be happy and healthy for the rest of his life.

Chihuahua was adopted by a new family.

If you buy products from. iHeartDogs StoreYou’re saving dogs like Yardon. Thanks to the Greater Goods Rescue Bank, he happily got a second chance. Thanks to all the heroes out there who have bought items to help the needy dogs. Every product sold makes a difference!

The following products provide standard dog food for shelters and rescue, which saves them more than their precious funds in spreading the word about medical expenses, supplies and their adopted children.

Images provided by What we do for pet love.

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