September 18, 2021

Work on Glasgow’s Corker Hill Road is to stop before COP26.

The Gajesco Times may reveal that major Southside road work is to be halted before Cop26 – but commuter traffic will resume next year.

As previously reported, Scottish Water closed Corker Hill Road last month for a 14-month project.

The move has been long delayed as drivers and public transport users are forced to travel without the main road, which is closed between Maspark Boulevard and Maspark Drive.

Work was scheduled to continue for another eight weeks, with the road reopening at the end of October, after postponing the original July 6 start date to July 21.

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A spokesman for the body revealed that preparations for the upcoming climate conference could “affect” parts of the plan.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “Work is underway on Corker Hill Road, part of the Glasgow Resilience Project to improve customer service.

“We are in talks with the Glasgow City Council’s Roads Department about the upcoming COP 26 event in the city, which could affect our work on Corker Hill Road and other parts of the project.

We will update the stakeholders in due course.

However, the Glasgow Times may now reveal that the road is scheduled to reopen on October 1 to move the summit forward but will reopen early next year for further work.

Spokesman Council He said: “The ban on road works is a standard measure to help drive traffic around the city as freely as possible before and during any major event.

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The traffic order for Corker Hill Road is currently in place until October 19 to allow Scottish Water to operate in the area.

In view of the ban on road works up to COP 26, Scottish Water last week signaled to us to suspend work on Corker Hill Road on October 1 and reopen the road before resuming work on January 10 next year. Intend to ”

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