October 18, 2021

Woman who ‘saw Prince Andrew dancing with Virginia Jeffrey’ agrees to testify in rape case

A woman who “saw Prince Andrew dancing with Virginia Jeffrey” has agreed to testify in a rape case against him.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Shukri Walker claims to have seen Prince Andrew in a nightclub.
Shukri Walker claims to have seen Prince Andrew in a nightclub.
Virginia is seeking damages in a New York civil lawsuit.


Virginia is seeking damages in a New York civil lawsuit.Credit: Rex Features

Ms. Walker has already given a written statement to the FBI that she remembers seeing Andrew with the then 17-year-old. Mirror Reports

Her lawyer said that if she was called as a witness, she would now do her duty.

Virginia, now 38, claims she was forced to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Town House in London and the Duke on his Caribbean island.

An example where Virginia claims she was forced to have sex with a prince was after Trump’s trip to Mayfair.

She is seeking damages in a New York civil lawsuit.

The prince has vehemently denied any wrongdoing or knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoing at this time.

Ms. Walker’s evidence may contradict Prince Andrew’s claim that he has no recollection of meeting Ms. Jeffrey.

The London woman claims she remembers the night because she apologized to Prince Andrew after standing on her feet on the dance floor.

But in a BBC News Night interview in 2019, Prince Andrew insisted he was not at the nightclub that night – because he was with his daughter at the Pizza Express in Walking Cirque.

Ms Walker, then 28, said: “He (Andrew) seemed to be having a great time.

“And she was with a young girl who was about my age, maybe a little younger than me.

“The young woman was not smiling, it was the opposite of smiles.

He was accompanied by the woman who had just been arrested, Ghuslin Maxwell, and Epstein. I will never forget that night because I was told he was a real prince.

Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who represents several Epstein victims, confirmed her client’s position: “Ms. Walker has already provided the FBI with her evidence and what she has said. I am very permanent.

“She was never in the presence of a prince before or since and so it was very memorable for her.

If she is called as a witness, she will do her duty.

Legal battle

It comes after news broke that Prince Andrew’s sexual assailant had agreed to release a secret document that his legal team believed could defeat his bombing case.

Virginia lawyer Roberts Geoffrey will provide a copy of the “Release” signed in 2009 – after his settlement with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein – to the Duke, The Sun on Sunday may reveal.

Andrew’s lawyers hope the clause will exempt the queen’s second son from any charge of sexual assault against her – but Virginia’s lawyers have called it “irrelevant.”

The secret agreement is said not to apply to the monarchy – instead Epstein absolves lawyers, employees, agents and heirs of responsibility in the case.

Leading Virginia lawyer David Boyce revealed in a new legal document filed in New York this week that he was happy to hand over the document to Andrew’s team.

He said: “Although we believe the release is not related to the case against Prince Andrew, but now that the service has been accepted and the case is moving forward to decide on the merits, we understand that Prince Andrew The lawyer has the right to review and release on the basis of whatever arguments he deems appropriate.

Accordingly, we have given notice to Mr. Epstein Estate of Prince Andrew’s request and asked the Estate to agree to provide a copy of the release to Prince Andrew’s lawyer.

This happened when the prince’s American lawyer, Andrew Bretler, finally agreed to be presented – and revealed that the royal family would respond to Virginia’s explosive claims by October 29.

The move formally ended Andrew’s wall-shutting strategy – his lawyers vowed to eliminate his sexual accuser’s allegations in detail.

Sources close to the Duke of York confirmed to The Sun on Sunday that he would try to change the tables by challenging Virginia Roberts Geffery’s account.

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