September 20, 2021

Woman arrested for keeping autistic daughter in cage

A Florida woman has been arrested for trying to force her daughter to live in a homemade metal and wooden cage with autism.

Authorities in Florida have charged Melissa Ann Doss with three counts of one count of child neglect and child abuse following her arrest over the weekend. He is being held on a bond of 000 20,000, but it is not clear whether DOS entered the charges against him. the people Magazine

According to local media reports, Palm Bay police discovered the crime after receiving a phone call from a DOS neighbor on Saturday. The call said they had a child inside the screen, and when officers arrived, they determined that the girl was at the front door.

The accused told police that she had fallen asleep and was unaware that her daughter had left, but refused to let her into her home. However, her daughter returned to the neighbor’s porch later in the day, and officers were called back to the scene. Dos refused to let her in again, saying she was “at the end of her rope.”

Authorities eventually entered the house through the back door, and the building smelled of urine and debris. In addition to the dustbin, they saw insects, spiders and flies. According to reports, the house was so dirty that no part of the floor was visible and there was mold. Part of the walls were damaged and part of the roof collapsed.

Police also noticed that there were no bathrooms, and when asked about it, Das told them they “use a bucket and throw garbage in the yard.” The house had no food or water, and was considered “uninhabited” by officials.

Child protection services were also called in to investigate, during which they found out that the woman’s autistic daughter, who is non-verbal, was kept in a cage at night. In the cage of the house was a blanket and a pillow where he was kept. Dos told police his daughter would scream early in the morning until she was let out.

Social workers also evicted two other children. None of the children were aged.

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