September 22, 2021

Withdrawal with the Taliban is not acceptable: Macron – Expat guide to France.

President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that France was discussing the evacuation of civilians and vulnerable people from the Taliban in Afghanistan, which did not indicate recognition of the hardline Islamist group as the country’s new ruler.

France and other Western states have revealed in recent days that they are in talks with the Taliban, how the group evacuated people after the capture of Kabul this month and the withdrawal of US and other foreign troops. Go

We have to operate in Afghanistan – evacuation. The Taliban are in control; we have to have this dialogue from a practical point of view. That doesn’t mean there will be recognition, “Macron told TF1 television during a visit to Iraq.

“We’ve set the terms,” ​​Macron said, outlining three key areas.

He said the Taliban needed to respect humanitarian law by allowing asylum seekers to leave, and to adopt a “very clear line” against all terrorist movements.

If they deal with terrorist movements in Afghanistan and the region, it will be clearly unacceptable to all of us.

The third area is human rights and “respect for the dignity of Afghan women in particular,” she said.

France evacuated about 3,000 people from Afghanistan before ending its operation over the weekend. But Macron said hundreds or thousands of people still needed to be evacuated through France.

Macron said he could not promise that more people would be evacuated as a result of the talks, in addition to helping Qatar, which has good relations with the Taliban as well as Paris.

“The goal is to evacuate all the women and men who are in danger … will we get there? I can’t guarantee that,” he said.

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