September 18, 2021

With the option to buy Leicester, RB is closing on Adimula Luck Man Loan Transfer from Leap Zig.

Leicester City are ending a one-year loan deal for Red Bull Leap Zig winger Admula Luckman.

The 23-year-old Englishman is expected to go down in the Midlands today to complete his Fox Medical and finalize his move with the Bundesliga giants.

Lokman is on the verge of joining Fox on loan.


Lokman is on the verge of joining Fox on loan.Credit: Getty

The former Charlton, Everton, and Fulham forward have been on Brendan Rodgers’ radar all summer and will solve his problem in the right-hand position, where Aves Perez lacks a place in his starting position.

Leicester’s entry into the Europa League means Rogers needs to expand his forward options.

However, the FA Cup winners refused to meet the original cost of Leipzig, who spent the previous season on loan at Fulham for the forward.

The stubbornness resulted last night when the Germans reduced their demands for Lokman, which is now expected to become Rogers’ fifth major signing this summer.

Meanwhile, Leicester’s Belgian midfielder Denis Pratt is undergoing medical treatment before a season-long loan, with an option of 13 13 million to buy.

The 27-year-old is reportedly close to joining Torino on loan for the season before completing the 15 15 million switch, which is about 8 8.12.8 million at a later date.

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Phantom has struggled to thrive in Leicester since traveling from Sampdoria for 18 18 million in August 2019.

13 Cape Belgium International has only been featured 42 times in the Premier League, led by manager Brendon Rogers – the term does not appear.


Phantom enjoyed his best form in Serie A for three years at Sampdoria and reportedly persuaded Torino to invest.

Leicester have already signed Pattinson Dacca, Bobakri Somare, Ryan Bertrand and Jenk Westergaard this summer.

He also recently signed a new deal with winger Harvey Barnes and is hoping to tie midfielder Yuri Tailmans soon.

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