September 21, 2021

With PSG bidding differently, Paul Pogba’s summer transfer took a new turn.

Paul Pogba’s plans to join Paris Saint-Germain are unlikely to materialize this summer, with Lionel Messi’s availability making the League 1 look different. The French organization has made an offer to the Argentine international in the hope of concluding an agreement in the coming days.

The French club wanted to bring Pogba with Parc des Princes and Leonardo, the club’s sporting director. He had initial contact with Manchester United midfielder Menu Raula.. He was trying to figure out what it would cost to sign the 2018 World Cup winner, which is in the final year of his contract.

The United star was keen to make the move after moving to Old Trafford to find his best form. Pogba has so far turned down a new deal offer from the Red Devils, who want to keep it this summer.

However, According to the French publication Le Parisien.Following the news of Macy’s bombing last week, the PSG is now distancing itself from the Pogba deal. The French club is now trying to land the Argentine superstar, who is leaving Barcelona with La Liga after 21 years.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner has put every other transfer plan on the back burner, including a move for Pogba. Messi’s arrival could see PSG struggle to finance a deal for the United midfielder, which will keep him at Old Trafford until at least 2022.

The PSG made Pogba their first target after the arrival of Giorgione Vijnaldum, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donaruma and Achraf Hakimi. Despite talks with Raula, he has not yet made a formal offer due to United’s reluctance to part with France International for a price reduction deal.

Lego 1 giants value Pogba. At around £ 43 million, United are hoping to recover most of the 89 89 million. He paid the joints in 2016. The 20-time English champions are hoping to earn at least ین 63 million, which is likely to be out of PSG’s price range if they win the Macy’s race.

Paul Pogba
French midfielder Paul Pogba will not extend his contract at Manchester United, his agent has warned.
Justin Setter Field / Pool

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