October 25, 2021

Winners of the Mid and East Antrim Prizes in the Bloom Community Competition are announced.

Gardening for the Wildlife Conqueror – Irene Mackay, Meiji Island.

And after deciding on several entries for the popular challenge, Mayor, Councilor William McKagi has announced the winner and runner-up.

Categories include: Best Captive Front Garden, Best Capt Front Container Garden, Best Capt Community Planting Scheme, Best Capt Allotment Garden, Best Capt Commercial Premises, and Gardening for Wildlife Awards.

Cllr McCaughey said: “Through the Council’s ‘Bloom’ campaign, we encourage everyone in the borough to think about their local environment and how flowers, plants and gardens can enhance it for people and wildlife.” By actively supporting our ‘In Bloom’ campaign and competitions, residents can not only make their garden, school or business more attractive, but also promote tourism and the economy in their local areas.

Best Capt. Front Container Garden Winner – Jackie Wilson, Glenrum.

“While this has been another strange and difficult year for many of us, the interest in gardening has grown tremendously. More people still live indoors, more in the green space outside. Spending time

And it’s great to see gardens because gardening can have a positive effect on our mental and physical health.

“Gardening can improve academic performance and emotional well-being. It can reduce depression, anxiety, obesity and heart disease. Increase life satisfaction, quality of life and sense of community and support recovery from illness, stress. Reduces blood pressure and muscle tension. In addition, flowering gardens are a source of joy for owners and passers-by alike, and bring some more joy.

“I am very impressed with the quality of the competition from all over the borough this year. It has been a great opportunity for me to see a variety of gardening skills here. Despite the mixed-season summers, the borough is still open. Is.

Best Capt Allotment Winner – Christine Gibson, Larne Town Park Allotment Gardens.

“Everyone did well and please continue the great work.”

The winners (previously listed) and runners-up are as follows:

Best Cape Front Garden – Sarah Bandy, Island Meiji Leslie Spearman, Whitehead Claire Gillespie, Balimina Tanya Tweed, Lauren.

Best Capt. Front Container Garden – Jackie Wilson, Glenarum. Flumina Corey, Carrickfergus Sheilag McColl, Carrickfergus James McMurray, Whitehead.

Best Capt. Front Garden Winner – Sarah Bandy, Island Meiji.

Best Community Planting Scheme – Telugu Community Garden, Balimina Island Community Garden, Meiji Island Olive Tree Community Garden Eden, Carrefourgs.

Best Preserved Allotment Gardens – Christine Gibson, Larne Allotment Gardens Sharon Thaburn, Eden Allotment Gardens Richard Plunkett, Greenland Allotment Gardens.

Best Placed Commercial Premises – Ballycairn House, Ballygally Steady Eddy, Larni Galgorum Care Home, Balimina.

Gardening for the Wildlife Award – Irene McKay, Island Maji Christine Harper, Carrefourgs, Stephen Heron, Broschin.

Best Capt. Front Container Garden Runner-up – Flumina Corey, Carrickfergus.

Cllr McCaughey concluded: “I would also like to remind everyone that the Blooming Creative (Painting, Poetry and Sculpture) and Best School Gardening Project competitions will be open until September 30.”

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Best Capt. Commercial Premises Runner-up – Steady Eddy Noodle Bar, Larne.
Best Capt Allotment Runner Up – Sharon Thobourne, Eden Allotment Gardens.
Gardening for Wildlife Runner-up – Christine Harper, Carrickfargs.
Best Capt. Front Garden Runner-up – Leslie Spearman, Whitehead.
Best Capet Community Planting Runner-up – Island Community Gardens, ICDA Gardening Club, Island Meiji.

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