September 18, 2021

Win 20,000 for your Glasgow Charity and nominate them for our gift.

Your Glasgow Times is offering ف 125k in cash to local charities.

Our parent company’s charity, the Gannett Foundation, is providing k 125k cash to help local charities across the country and we are happy to give k 20k shares in our area. And we want you to decide where to spend that money.

Today we are asking readers to nominate their favorite local charities to be considered for a grant.

Making a nomination can’t be easy – just log in. And fill out your nomination form or you can write to us, confirming the name and address of the charity you want to nominate and why: Readers’ Choice Cash for Charity Nomination, Flat House, Hampshire Road, Weymouth, DT 49XD Sunday, October 3, 2021 closing date.

After receiving all nominations, our editors will select eight well-known local charities to join this year’s Grants Scheme.

We are then going to put the power of cash allocation in the hands of our readers – for four weeks, readers will be invited to collect tokens from our newspapers that can be sent to collection points in our region. Are or can be posted.

Each token collected will then be used to donate cash to a designated charity – so if your favorite charity collects 50% of the collected tokens, it will receive 50% of the 20,000. Will!

NewsQuest Terms and Conditions Please refer to

Personal data will only be used by NewsQuest and its agents to manage the grant process and will not be shared with any third party. Our general privacy notice is at:

The campaign will be published in several NewsQuest publications in the NewsQuest region.

Our readers will vote for the eight charities selected by the local editorial panel. The value of the grant to each of the eight charities will be calculated according to their share of the vote. Only original voting coupons will be accepted, not photocopies. Cash grants will be sent via BACS transfer. Grants are subject to completion of the relevant project and a successful designated charity may require proof of use of this grant.

The top eight charities selected for the vote will be contacted to provide additional information for readers to vote. If this information is not provided within the time scale provided, the editorial panel will select an alternative charity.

The charity must be registered with the Charity Commission and has not received a grant from the Gannett Foundation in the last two years.

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