October 17, 2021

William and Kate get ‘lots of chickens’ just like nephew Archie’s ‘chuck inn’

Prince William has revealed that he and his family got chickens at their home in the UK, just as his brother did at his home in the United States.

The Duke of Cambridge joined his wife, Kate Middleton, when they left for Northern Ireland on Wednesday morning. The couple, known in the country as Baron and Baroness Kerkfargis, were visiting Derry Londnery to meet with young people from across the city to hear how organizations engage in fostering positive relationships in communities. Are Mirror

During the visit, she visited nursing students on the Maggie campus of the University of Ulster, as well as a painting zoo on campus run by the local mobile zoo company KidsFarm, which comes to campus regularly to help students learn about mental health and anxiety. Help deal with When they came to the chickens in the cages, the Duchess told the pet handler that her family had “a lot of animals during the lockdown” because they were often like “therapy”. William added that he also got “lots of chickens” in his house.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also have a chicken coop called “Archies Chicken Inn”, named after their eldest son, at their Montecito mansion in Santa Barbara, California. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, the couple took a look inside the coupe and said that the chickens inside were rescued from a factory farm as part of their “down to basics” life.

Harry and Meghan also have two pet dogs, just like William and Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge had earlier revealed that she also had a pet named Maroon, whom her daughter, Princess Charlotte, loved because her hissing tickled her face.

Kate was also eager to catch a trantola she saw in a cage on a Wednesday trip. “Oh, please, can I catch Tarantula? What’s his name?” He asked, and laughed when he was told that the spider shared his name with his daughter Charlotte.

Trontola then began to extend Kate’s hand, to which William joked that it was animated by Kate’s outfit, Emilia Wickstead’s purple trouser suit. “Maybe she’s not so keen on purple, or maybe she thinks you’re a flower,” Duke said.

The couple also raised a female snake during their visit, after which William revealed that their eldest son, Prince George, was going to be upset because he remembered it because he was obsessed with snakes.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with their children, Prince Louis and George and Princess Charlotte. Comic Relief via Getty Images / BBC Children Need / Comic Relief.
Comic Relief via Getty Images / BBC Children Need / Comic Relief.

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