September 20, 2021

Wiggle fans have the same complaint after episode 3.

VIGIL viewers have claimed that they are “disturbed” by tonight’s episode of the BBC One drama.

In tonight’s episode, DCI Silva sees more danger as she builds enemies on HMS Vigil.

Fans of BBC One Weigel were


Fans of BBC One Weigel were “asleep” during the third episode tonight.Credit: BBC

DCI Silva discovered that Craig Burke did not die from a head injury – but was in fact poisoned.

Meanwhile, DS Kirsten Longakar continued her ground investigation and many new leads emerged.

However, not all viewers were impressed with the latest episode, some fans fell asleep.

One wrote: “Quickly losing the desire to see this … go to sleep. # Vigilance”

Another shared: “I’ll have to see it again, it’s running so fast I can’t keep up. # Vigilance”

A third person posted, “Tonight’s #Wegel incident is really disturbing … it looks like the submarine is on the line of duty.”

Another joked: “I’m sleeping via Vigil igVigilBBC.”

“I have started to lose my will. #Vigilbbc has started to strengthen but now I am fed up with conspiracy after corruption.

Viewers learned that Burke had been poisoned and that Dr. Doherty, a submarine, was enrolled to find out what the substance was.

Amy was later informed by Captain Newsom that her stay on the submarine had been extended to three weeks.

DCI Silva then received a message from DS Longakar about the news of Jade’s death and a coded message about Tiffany Doherty’s rope photos.

Meanwhile, Gary Shaw pulled a gun on Amy and Glover before threatening to kill himself.

Luckily, Amy talked to her and the audience learned more about her troubled past with her daughter and the death of her partner.

As the episode closes, Glover has a tense conversation with Doherty, which reveals their romantic relationship.

The couple is terrified that my mother has put the two and the two together and suspects that this is what they are hiding.

Doherty has already proved unreliable when she falsified drug tests and revealed that she changed samples to help her co-workers.

Amy also accused the submarine’s doctor of trying to blackmail her with pictures.

Doherty, however, denied any knowledge of the photos, although Amy was not convinced.

Is Doherty hiding something more dirty?

Viewers admit they are 'bored with conspiracy and corruption'


Viewers admit they are ‘bored with conspiracy and corruption’Credit: BBC
After the very sexy pictures of the submarine doctor came to the notice of the police, Weigel took a ruthless turn.

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